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Life finds a way...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Had some rather urgent family business to attend to this morning—stepdaughter went into labor and I had to care for her dogs and get them to boarding. Meanwhile, Red Sox beat the Yankees with a display of power?



h.b.-dogsitter. ;D

H.B. - Grandfather? I won't say congrats because you didn't so anything here. However it is incumbent on you to insure the kid doesn't become a Yankees fan!

Yes, gramps and dog sitter.

Even in this dog a season, there are things to relish. After all, the second most important goal of the year is knocking the mfy's out of the playoffs.

Agreed - always good to beat NY.

all the best.


Dogs and grandkids-two of the best things in life.

I view dogs as permanently infantile. They are in need of nearly constant vigil. I need little human intervention to sustain myself.

I am amazed to see that he still refuses to see just how much he needs from me. Well, he'll find out.
In the meantime are we hitting or taking advantage of a team that has awful pitching? MFY fans I know are stirred up over their god awful pitching. That the Sox are hitting is, to them a function of their f****** s***** pitching. Gotta love that.

RE:Prado's baserunning debacle. Why not have an experienced former player standing by first base to inform runners, who appear to be required to run with their heads down, of pertinent details, like a runner already esconsed at second?

In the interests of symmetry, another coach could be stationed at third. One to tell the runner to get a move on, perhaps?

Dragging the Yankees down to irrelevance is the 2014 version of winning the World Series (in that it's the peak of our expectations). Hope you're ready to endure one more meaningless trip to Fenway at the end of your career, Jeter. I'm sure the parting gifts will be very nice.

And I hope all is well, hb.

Prado's baserunning was priceless. So was beating the MFYs. Congrats in advance

Congrats to the Brachen family. And sympathies to the poor dogs HB is having waterboarded. And fuck the Skankees. No child is born a racist or a Yankee fan, so just remember that.

For a brief time I was listening to the game on XM Radio, so I had Waldman and Sterling. Their reaction to the base running blunder, which they blamed wholly on Beltran, was priceless.

Oddly, despite our total dismissal of the RS, everyone knows a whole lot about the Prado gaffe.

Cespedes might have/should have caught the ball.



@Steven in MD. Prado was absolved of all wrong doing by O'Neill et al via MLB's pickup of YES feed. Although Paul made a point to tell the nation that be met Pete Rose the night before at the Cincinnati airport (which is in northern KY).

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