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Less than zero

Your omniscient author in absentia:
So this turns out to be one of those days where I had so little to say that I actually forgot about posting a strip at all until just now. Sorry, creeps.



Next year's schedule is out. Sox open at Philly and at MFY, then have the home opener against the Nats on 4/13.


It's like a Friday, except that Friday is still 3 long days away.

"A 1-panel strip is better than no strip at all."

-The Lovely Ginger, Dancer, The Glass Slipper

They face the Marlins in Miami Aug.11-12. Wonder if they'll still be in the race at that point so I would want to attend.

I get it. Spent weekend in Baltimore-WDC-Richmond area.
Best experience overall: National Air and Space Museum. Hard to get to, due to traffic and security issues, but worth it.
B&O Museum, Baltimore. Done in :25, after that, hit the gift shop, left after :20. Caught a break on parking under an hour.
NASCAR Nationwide @ Richmond. Not crowded, dull, which may explain why not crowded.
Cup race. It isn't Bristol, but thankfully got deal on tickets, not crowded, food expensive, but oh, those ribs.
Nats-Phils. Ballpark a bitch to get to, but nice. We think we have issues? Phils have nothing. Papelbon liked my old Red Sox T, with his number/name on it. It's going to the framers later today. Thanks, Jon.
Best experience? You need to ask?

Well, we ran down Houston. Only the Twins, Rockies and Rangers now stand between us and the number one pick.

Can you say Mailing it in?
Running for the Bus?
Clock Watching more important than job?
I worry of none of those things.
I am content.
Sorry if you aren't.
Not really.

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