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Cotton mouthed

Nothing like getting swept in the first 3 home games of the season for the first time in 30 years.


I guess this is what they meant by the "World Series Hangovah."


Yeah, take two aspirin...


And call me when you when you staht hitting.



I am quite pleased. The butler is snarling with the inability of his team to deliver key hits and NASCAR being washed out. But, he is most upset about being behind the MFYs. Now, to the space next to the dryer, the load's nearly done.

My boss' attitude seems to reveal how detached he can get. But, when the washer stopped, he was there with his daughter, eagerly waiting to get in next to the dryer.
Getting behind any team is not good, but when its THAT team from the Bronx, the sense of urgency is expanded.

Three WS in ten years. I guess I don't have a right to bitch about a 2 and 4 start. Life is so unfair.

Lester was good again yesterday. I guess he's going to be our "His record doesn't show it, but..." pitcher this year.

These concerns about a 2-4 start will seem quaint when we are 20 games out in August.


Did I do that right?

Maybe we should just keep talking about Olivia Newton-John till they right the ship. Which they will. No panic here.

so, hb, what's with the firefox boycott? is it about protecting a specific kind of "freedom of speech," or about protecting all kinds, including the right to say, "i do"? so many say politics and sports shouldn't mix, until of course they'd like it to.

Ok Paul,
I'll bite.
"Mozilla recently forced its CEO, Brendan Eich, to resign over his personal support for traditional marriage."

Mozilla should not have fired the CEO over this view at all whether it was for or against "traditional marriage". It was a personal issue.

People should be able to say what they believe, provided it doesn't physically endanger anyone and be protected. Just like people who want to marry whomever they want in a civil marriage should be protected.

I'll bite again.

"In the wake of yesterday’s news, Andrew Sullivan, a leading advocate for redefining marriage, said the episode “should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society.”

Can we really say we have a tolerant and diverse society if the opposition to an issue cannot be voiced?

The hypocrisy is just soooo juicy.

Welcome to the Soviet States of America. vasoxfan is a rare bird these days, being able to talk calmly about an issue that has people all fired up over a matter that ain't their business.
"I ain't got nothin' on gay marriage, so long as they's kin"- Heard on Sirius/XM Blue Collar Comedy channel.

The question is the relevance of the actions. In one case, everyone's First Amendment rights were upheld (nobody stopped Eich from donating, nobody stopped groups from organizing in protest, nobody stopped Mozilla from choosing not to freely associate with Eich). In the other case, my ability to freely associate with both Firefox and Soxaholix is now blocked.

Ironic since it's only blocked in protest of what's being called an abuse of the market's right to self-association. In other words, if I didn't agree with Mozilla's action to release Eich, I'm still being punished for it and to what end? It's not like the petition is asking anything of Mozilla that would lead to the end of the blockade. It's just...a blockade in retribution.

Also, I use Chrome and couldn't give a rat's ass what Eich, Mozilla, or gays do on their own time.

Yeah, I blocked Mozilla. So what?

I thought HB disliked extremely large reptiles and it was in protest of the new movie release of similar name.

Funny how Hobby Lobby refusing to pay benefits for birth control is them exercising their rights, but Mozilla deciding not to pay the salary of somebody that did something many of their community don't like is evidence of the gay agenda running America.

Hypocrisy - the only real American value.

*not referring to HB - no idea what he thinks about Hobby Lobby. Mostly inspired by conservative friends posting about Mozilla 12 X a day on FB.

Free Speech Rules.
h.b. can block whomever he wants.
But I found an interesting article that moderated my position somewhat.

It lives at

The claim of the article was that it was Eich's failure to negotiate his way through the controversy stemming from his views that led to his demise. The article points out that Mozilla is activist organization on a mission and that the people who work for less money for the purpose of forwarding that mission are critical to the success of that mission. I'm not sure how sad I feel for the Mozillians who are completely intolerant of opposing viewpoints that have really nothing to do with Mozilla's mission. But at least this points a little bit to his leadership ability. Perhaps he was blessed to leave an organization that may have a tendency to get myopic about issues that are core to it's mission.

I thought mozilla was the new Yankee starting pitcher..

Perhaps he was blessed to leave an organization that may have a tendency to get myopic about issues that are core to it's mission.

AREN'T core to its mission.

Mozilla users, remember If you like your server you can keep it...

Oh, no. NASCAR on Monday???
What's next? YESNet's account of their games with his Sawx? Egads.

No love for Eich (pun intended) as he acted like a pussy.

He should have wreaked vengeance upon his challengers.

Like a good Old Testament God? :)

vasoxfan, great thing about politics is you can shape almost any argument however you want... if mozilla's crime is that it worried too much about stuff that's not central to its mission, it's hard to see where a cartoon about a baseball team has any plausible mission to be making free-speech martyrs out of those who are intolerant of gays... but fortunately in this country, it's the cartoonist's right to do so, and it's mozilla's right to do what it wants within the law, and we go on... game time, 7 pm...

And here we are at the intersection of Free Speech, Free Association,Religious Freedom.
Wouldn't it be really cool if we could solve this thorny First Amendment problem in the cartoon?

pretty stoked that I missed all this.


As for marriage, the wife and I are most likely getting "divorced" next year on paper as it will help us quite a bit on taxes.

I love irony. And the gays.

So tax structure in Massachusetts is not marriage friendly?
I'm shocked!

oh, so it was an "i love the gays" message that came from joining the mozilla boycott? next, perhaps shed a tear for ben chapman, who apparently also needs support of his free-speech rights -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiuUgf3dYto

PinDC: Are you rehearsing for a soap opera?

Reading this thread, sulking with a broken shoulder, I am blissfully ignorant as to its content and determined not to google or go to the US SC Opinions to diminish that ignorance. However, I was delighted to see the word 'stoked' used in a sentence: cf lc. It is the second time in a week, and the second time since the late 1970s, that I have done so.

Back to baseball... when does Papi give the dugout peptalk??? I'd like to see a few less runners lob.

If you want to use Mozilla here, install the NoScript add-on. It stops all scripts from running on your browser unless you explicitly tell it to allow that site.

I just had to test the blocking considering the comments. Temporarily allowed soxaholix.com to run scripts, got pushed off the page.

Added bonus of NoScript, 95% of the ads on the internet also get blocked.

Word to the wise folks, don't let others try and force you into doing something you don't want to. I'll happily continue to view your site with Firefox H.B. as it's a good product, despite your political grumblings.

Oh, and go Yankees.

Because I view the strip at work and my company mandates I view the internet through the use of IE only I had no trouble reading Soxaholix yesterday AM. So I was very entertained reading all the comments this morning regarding the blockade. After reading the just the comments I’m not sure if it was because of the firing or because of the reason for the firing, but thought maybe it was just a ploy by HB to have an overwhelming majority of readers ask him to step down for his stance on this issue, thereby taking the retirement decision out of his hands.

Humans possess that ability?

This thread is making me

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