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Settling in

Well, I have to admit that the effervescent glow formed by a mixture of jubilee and incredulity at having found ourselves World Champions is now morphing toward a fierce tenacity to defend that title.


Seriously, we'll be like Frodo approaching Mordor come spring as the weight of the ring grows.


And then there's the whole uniqueness of the "year aftah"... I mean how can you criticize any move Cherington and the front office make when they just delivered you a World Series?


No kidding. They could sign a midget for huge dollahs and I'd be like, "Well, look, small strike zone, lots of walks... I can get behind this."



Is Willow still out there?

Pull an Eddie Gaedel, huh? I like it. I also think it'd be fun to have Larry Lucino take an at bat next season.

I'll settle for Beltran.

Almost a month on, and I still can't believe the show they put on. Thanks, RS.


Considering what usually happens to world champions the next season, we'd understand hb being reluctant to return for another run.
BTW, hb, hectic season is on, albeit too fucking early, but you have my FWIIW permission to take a vacation, or, as the Brits call it, a holiday. You earned it.

Of course, "any move Cherington and the front office can make" does not mean go sign Cano.

Of course, "any move Cherington and the front office can make" does not mean go sign Cano.

Yeah but seriously....Ellsbury is a freaking sparkplug and Napoli when on his streaks carried the team...Beltram is 36!! Give Ellsbury the 5-6 year deal and you know what you got when healthy!!!

sheesh....stop fucking with things!! If it aint broke and you can afford it, dont start fucking with the chemistry....look what happened after 2004!!! team got broke up....took 3 years to put it back

NOT signing Ellsbury is the bellweather for a smart Hot Stove season (assuming he wants $20M per). Seasoned Yawkey Way will let the young guys come up, and spend the crazy money on pitching. And that's all I want for Christmas...

Gotta agree with Chip. As much as I've enjoyed watching Ellsbury play, $20MM per would buy a lot of pitching. I don't begrudge him making his bones, but would rather see the assets used elsewhere - esp. on the mound. :-)

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