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Look, there's hubris, right?


Hubris of the sort that gets a visit from Nemesis.


Yes, we know it well.


But I'm telling you, it's not hubris when you're just observing, measuring, and formulating a hypothesis.


What I'm talking about here is nothing less than the scientific method.


And the reality speaks for itself.


The Yankees are not going to overtake the Red Sox.


The Orioles are not going to overtake the Red Sox.


The Rays are not going to overtake the Red Sox.


It's ovah.


The science is settled.


So, how about them polah ice caps?



I cannot decide whether I would prefer the Yanks to completely miss the playoffs (because SUCK IT, Spankees) or whether it is sweeter to go through them in the playoffs and be responsible for kicking them to the golf course.... I think I'm leaning Pisa-like to the former.

Killer night in the Bronx on Friday with sdu. On lefty batters one had a perfect view of us having the time of our lives on national TV... Have fun on Friday, all. While I will be in Boston this week, I return to NYC Thurs night so will miss the shenanigans. Pics please.

Well, my idiot is still MIA. He left me some tepid Meow Mix and an automatic water dispenser. Ah, and who is this? My Maid! Haven't seen her in a while. My Idiot is worried about pitching, the Maid thinks about "moral victories". I only hear her crying about how Mo can't bring it like the good old days. Oh, dear, she's put that insipid bell on her crutch. I WILL NOT CHASE IT! No, I am a mature superior being, damn you! Ah, those strong hands of hers...

Damn, I watched the game Friday night but had no idea I should be watching for a teal dress in the expensive seats.

As I said before, never trust a theory wherein whenever the real world does exactly the opposite of what the theory says, the proponents of said theory say it is completely explained by the theory.

I saw sdu's pics; those were amazing seats. I understand why Nat and sdu didn't do anything to get tossed.

BTW, I'm in Nova Scotia. At "Two If By Sea" coffee shop and wi-fi emporium. Pretty cool place.

Maybe Nat and sdu were all dressed in black pleather, like the rest of the "crowd" in the fancy seats.

At any rate, whilst I still think of this team being drafted in Hirsute Legoland, what with all the mis-matched pieces and scruff, for the first tine in a couple of years, I am interested in how it turns out each night.

OTOH if 2003-2004 was Game of Thrones, this seems a bit more like Falcon Crest, but it's still fun.

ur pal.


Loved the weekend series, from all the offense to Mo's two blown saves and everything in between. Can't wait to see if Buckholz can return to his early season form tomorrow night!

Bob: get thee to Cape Breton - the Herring Choker (on the Bras D'Or lakes) makes excellent sandwiches, and the Cabot Trail is lovely. Only aboot a 5 hr drive from Hallifax.

2nd that on the Cabot Trail. Stunning up there.

Hey Natalie, thanks for the fun! We couldn't get kicked out cause the cabernet merlot was too nice. We were, in fact, on INTERNATIONAL TV and the 10 year old 'Sox fan was both excited and pissed off! Mostly the latter. mrs sdu was amused to see me texting on the telly and then to have a text arrive in Sydney. Here's some pics


Geez, and all we have to offer is the Baseball Tavern. 5 o'clock Friday to any of youse creeps in the area

@ Buck: If that same barmaid is there (the one we suspected was actually hb), the Baseball Tavern will do FINE!

Prediction update. We say goodbye to Soxinsix (84), Kaz and Hell-Mickey (85) and HB (86). On pace to win 97 games. Who would have thought? Evidently not a single one of us.

Being wrong feels sooooo right

I commit my sins and errors to the greater good. Forgive me my doubts and my trespasses.


If you are in Halifax, hit the Midtown Tavern...the kitsch factor is out-of-the-park!

I hope the ice cap mention is a reference to RttM. Unlike the Sox last friday, the bergs ain't coming back.

The last week has been wonderful, but notice that the Tigers and Yankees scored 8, 9 and 9 runs against us in some of those games. Our pitching doesn't look like it can get us far into the postseason. I hope I'm wrong, and thank God for Koji

Hm. My human is home, looking odd. Where are MY proper dinners? I demand one now.

Imagine almost stepping on your cat and getting looked at the way otherwise good friends Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter were giving one another snake eyes last night. Fun? You bet. Now let me draw up a grocery list, sire...

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