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Not a good day to be a Yankees fan

So, Mahts, have you accepted reality yet or are you still clinging to the Wild Cahd fantasy like lovestruck tween at a One Direction concert?


Funny, Callaghan. But that's pretty smug considering the Red Sox look pretty average to me.


Yeah, I know what you mean, Mahty, that whole best record in baseball thing kinda defines average doesn't it.


Just wait until team Amish faces some quality pitching, OK, Callaghan?


C'mon, now, Mahts, you know the Sox aren't going to be facing themselves in the playoffs.


But don't worry, I'm sure the Yankees will be contendahs again someday, you know, not 2014 or anything, but eventually.


Good to see you accept the inevitability of the Yankees dominance, Callaghan.


I can't figure out why Sox fans are so smug. It certainly can't be your team's history.


You're not only behind the Yankees in WS Championships, you're behind the Cardinals and Athletics! You're tied with the Giants and only one ahead of the Dodgers. Heck the poor Dodgers would be way ahead of the Sawx if they hadn't had to play ----yes, you guessed it, the Yankees in 11 WS in which they lost 8 of them!


Gotta love history, Mahty. I mean did you know that the 2013 Red Sox are the first team to beat the Yankees 13 times in a season since 1976?


Yeah, I'm sure given the Red Sux history of epic collapse that the number 13 is going to be really lucky for you.


Hey, Mahty.... Boo!



Wait 'till next year, Marty.

I had a face to face with a fan of the MFYs along those exact lines. Wonder if the MFY fans are all operating off a collective consciousness?

Thank you to Buckner was framed, Mrs Buckner, the lovable and not particularly surly artist once known as lc for an excellent catch up at the baseball tavern. We had fun and the boys pounded the stupid yankees. Rich had logistical issues and missed out. Thanks to hb for the cyber space that makes these things possible. As always, there are pictures:


Speaking of history, tell Mahty who won the very first World Series.

nice showing by the mfy. thanks for comin' have fun in Toronto.

things are looking up.


Prediction update. Goodbye to SoCalBoSoxFan, HunterStars, and Bob, all at 89. Farewell TalandisJr., Chip, and Chairman Meow, at 90 wins. Adios SDU, Ponch, Josh, and JAR in Chicago with predictions of 91. COD and Redsoxnumba1 remain with predictions of 92. I guess they technically 'win' the pool but will be a few games removed from the final tally of 97 or 98 wins. Time to get the pitching rotation in order.

I said 98 winds last year, so can I carry that over?

Wins. The winds are carrying the Skankees back to hell.

Yet we're still predicted to fall short of the Tigers in making it to the World Series and winning it all.

I don't get what we have to do to flip that script at BP.

I'm almost sad about the sweep, as I'd love to play this rotting, empty husk of a team in the first round of the playoffs.
No, wait, I'm not sad. That was just lovely.

Well,I am sad Damnit!! Good thing it was a great game. Now if I just could've snagged Salty's slammah (missed it by that much). At least the B's are on tonight ;)

Not a good weekend to be a New York sports fan. Unless, of course, you are a Mets fan.

My schadenfreude is palpable.

HA! I may be out, but, where did the Butler skittle off to? He had been riding his MFY fan friends. Might be he's up to some thing with his female du jour. Thinking ahead, they rest starters and manipulate the rotation, with some losses creeping in, but would it not be nice for us all to see them win 100?
Oh, my what is that?

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