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Gourdy Autumn

Well, if this season's gourd wasn't already previously swelled, then last night Buchholz plumped the hazel shells.*


It is the season of mists and thrown 4-seamahness.


And the magic numbah is 10.


To put things into perspective, if the Sox only play .500 ball for the remaindah, Tampa Bay would have to go 19 - 1 just to tie for the division lead.


Speaking of .500, I've gone from thinking in April how I'd be happy with 81-81 .500 finish, to thinking maybe there's a shot at wild cahd, to thinking I think they can win the division to absolute certainty in winning the decision and all the way to my thought today—

They actually have a shot homefield advantage through the entiah playoffs.


Absolutely. The magic numbah for homefield is 14.


Let's face it. If this season were an ass, it'd be twerking us.



You humans and this baseball. Gacchhhh. The Butler has a female here, not bad for one of those, dare I say. She gave him a helmet, why I have not a clue. The butler's mood is clearly better these days. What is he doing with that?

Ah, yes, too bad they have to treat Buchhy like he's so fragile. Still, the Ray's bats are asleep and only an epic fall can keep this from being rather special. the empty seats have to be a factor. What could Mad Joe do with a dedicated fan base behind his team? The "helmet", you ask? Gift from my Brit Gal Pal. It's autographed by all three Top Gear presenters and the Stig, whose helmet this was. Cool stuff. That pretentious beast (BGP's term) I serve is very jealous. Or not...

'Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn'

Is that what we're calling MFY fans these days?

86-86? HB's super powers have lengthened the season by 10 games. So is the magic number really 20?

BTW, when in PEI, eat PEI mussels? LOT 30 here has them in white wine and white cheddar.

86-86 is a pissah season.

Sounds like Bob has invented poutine for mussels.

In re CM:don't you love a guy who hides behind a fake name. oh wait..

And finally...

"Never Forget" does not mean "Always Be An Asshole".


That is too funny. I knew I should have added those up. Hahahhaha.

If the season was 172 I might still be alive in the prediction sweepstakes. Nah, I'd never have predicted this success. Sure am enjoying it though.

Anybody know the price of beets in Kiev?? ;O

No prediction updates today. No one placed any money on 87 wins. When in PEI, Anne of Green Gables should be on the menu. Yikes - I have a sensitive side.

Actually h.b wasn't far off.
TB has 3 games in hand.
RS (88-58) have 16 games left, 8-8 puts them @ 96-66
TB (78-65) has 19 games left - 18-1 ties them with us @ 96-66.
Argument still holds. TB would have to go unconscious to do that. Of course, and the real RS fan in me comes out... if we go 1-15 .....
did I miss something?

vasoxfan has missed this from Mike Robitille: "What good are games in hand if ya don't WIN 'em?"

Actually I thought about another quote from Mike....
"They're like two bulldogs eating lunch off a Brillo pad!"
~Mike Robitaille (about Paul Gaustad and Chris Drury)

Ah, the Goose had an angry streak that Drury needed in a body guard, like the Goose the way Big Papi needs Naps hitting behind him. I should have checked Roby's name. My memory has taken too many shots along the wall.

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