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Bring me Steiner!

If you choose to go to bed before these Red Sox are done, then you, sir, are worse than Hitlah.


Poor Girardi looked like Hitler in the Bunker sceene aftah Victorino's go ahead single.


Cheer up, pinstrippahs, there's still a shot at that massive tie scenario for the Wild Cahd.


Ok, enough, yakking, let's get back to work... and by "work" I mean, of course, taunting Yankees fans on social media.



BigBri? BigBri?

(echo echo echo)

Some of my MFY fan friends were dumb enough to start posting shit on FB/Twitter after the 7th inning. That did not go well for them.

I went to bed after they scored in the 10th inning. I had faith that Koji would close the deal. And if he didn't, I didn't want to see it anyway.

Bob wants Natalie and I to get kicked out of the Legends Suite tonight. He'd be real proud, he says. See what we can do.

Quintin Berry. Shades of Dave Roberts. Loved the look on Girardi's face after Soriano got picked off 2nd too.

I cannot adequately describe my joy at seeing Joba Chamberlain failing over and over. I could watch him fall on his fat, arrogant hick face over and over and never get tired of it.

Joba sees the banana peel.Joba steps around the banana peel and falls down a manhole. Just never gets old.

Beating the mfy's = good
Beating teh mfy's at the toilet = better
Beating the mfy's at the toilet with a blown save by Riveria = great
Beating the mfy's at the toilet with a blown save by Riveria AND Joba the Hut taking the loss = Priceless!

Things have been really rough, but I didn't throw anything after the 7th inning implosion. The tenth? Vintage Koji.
"Being a closer is great, but there is NO margin for error."- Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams, who ought to know. Mo is retiring a bit late, seems to me...
Girardi's post game presser? Great stuff. Only Belichick could have been better. Or Rex Ryan.
Notice all those empty "prime" seats? Can you say over priced? Are MFY fans and businesses getting smart, and going to City Field for a cheaper display of poor defense, and untimely hitting?
The Dogs at Citi Field beat the crap out of The House Derek Built's Dogs, which are brutally overpriced, per MFY fans burned by the experience. I just laugh. Not MY money!

When "the greatest closer the game has ever seen" meets the Sox in the 9th, I am often happy: Mo himself is a decent enough chap, but the build-up and sactification and "Yankeeishness" outshines even Ronald Regan memorials - unbearable. So I choose to believe the Sox let 6 runs go by in the 7th so Rivera could blow the save. Yes!

@ponch: "MFY fan" and "dumb enough" - repetitive, no?

@sdu: I think you should be the one in the teal dress tonight. Could help in getting thrown out.

It ain't over till Joe West gives you another chance to end it. Love that the skanks can't get the obvious call in their own toilet .

What is it with you blasted humans, anyway? Are you not familiar with the I Ching, which clearly states that all shall be balanced in harmony, per the spectrum? Look at a monad, see?
Yes you fools can cling to 2004 all you like. 2004 is a wonderful year and all that. I entered this phase of my life then and this is my second human. He is a slacker and much devoted to trivial nonsense. He should get some salmon liver and dice it for me. I will not discuss his language, which is well, disgusting.

Oh, dear my master is wound up, isn't he. Must be that cat toy that acts like a mouse that irritates him. Sort of the way the Tampon Bay Rays annoy us.

Crap. My summer hours are back to non-summer hours. But there's still beer cart.

Have a great time tonight, Nat and sdu. Be horrible Boston fans, please.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

(Like how to collect bail for Nat and sdu.)

8 - 3 down and madly packing to leave for Ja tomorrow; not so bummed b/c, you know, they will loose now and then, even to the mfy's. But nooooo; this team is too much fun. just walked in a run and 11 - 8 and I do not care if they can carry this one through: this is a fun team.

I think we deserve a Nat & sdu update.

survived, not in custody

Wait until Friday the 13th (Jason not included) ;D

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