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Back on Monday

Your omniscient author in absentia:
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm out of town for a 3-day weekend. Enjoy watching the magic number decrease.



I hope the early start on the weekend means that HB was not watching the Patriots game last night. That's 3.5 hours I'll never get back.

...and I'll be in town (watching the magic number decrease)

After a night where I worked the ol' clickah, I came away concerned that Peavy may need some rest. Drake Britton could be the new 8th inning guy.
The Pats are not fish. Thank goodness they were playing one of the little three in their division.

Ah, what could be better than to be on the lap of my Butler's odd speaking female friend. I now know why he likes her. But, she told me that she is my chiropractor. I wonder what goes on between my butler and his chiropractor. Since he does this for him, does he get the same feeling I get? Likely no, he is not as finely developed a creature to notice.

C’est tiguidou. Quebec City is magnifique.

Now, about last night's Sox game. Eh. I'll take one loss every 6 games or so.

Now, about last night's Pats' game. Over under on Brady blowing our his mitral valve over yet another dropped pass: 5 games.

That just might have been the ugliest NFL game I've ever seen.

The ugliest NFL game ever was every game Art Donovan played in. That's a face only a blind mother could love.

Gotta go eat some more poutine. (My craps are starting to look like cheesy dog food.)

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Or Tuesday, or whenever the hell HB gets back.

My, my, my. My Butler is calling his MFY loving friends and shouting SWEEP! I have no idea why. Ah, thank you Lydia, yes, your hands are magic. PRRRRRR.

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