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Back it up

I confess I did not stay up for all 12 innings...


I need to keep myself fresh for the playoffs and all.


Well, I confess I went to bed with the assumption that I'd wake up to discover that, like so many times before, the Sox walked off heroically in the final at bat.


Instead, I wake to find they lost but still dropped the magic numbah to 1, which is almost as good.


Yeah, I'll take the numbah at 1, but there is something unseemly about backing into winning the division on the back of anothah club's loss.


Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with backing into things... just ask Miley Cyrus.


Seriously. If God hadn't intended for us to back into things, then he wouldn't have anointed one of us with the creativity to invent these.


And with that vision in mind, all of a sudden tonight's game is a "must win."



I bailed when the O's loaded the bases in the 12th with no outs. Fuckin' Orioles. Bring back the MFY.

Baby got back!!!

I watched the whole game. 15 hits? 3 runs? Bizarre.

BTW, the Magic Number is still 3 for winning the division. 1 for clinching a wild card spot.

It wasn't available in Mudville, which is just as well.
Now, how to avoid the O's should they get through the maze.

That (******)'s pants rather defeated most of the reasons you humans wear them.

Please don't let the Orioles into the playoffs. They are our kryptonite.

maybe we need a villian. maybe we have one. it's been a while, but I am itching for a fight.

btw, now that Wally is sporting a beard, the beard thing is hereby ovah.



Blame it on Wally.Maybe we need a new mascot.A bearded clam,perhaps? ;D

You can't back in unless you did all the work to get out in front in the first place. It's all good.

Maybe I should just come back? You people seem to have dropped the ball.

If such blasphemy needs to be said then I, from my superior position, shall say this once previously unthinkable thought: Why not root for the-

No way I'm gonna let that fur ball advocate rooting for the MFYs! Besides, he does not know it yet, but tomorrow he's going to be having some whoopee! Yep. He's going to be breeding. He'll hate being put in his box, being driven around, but It will be worth it. I have been satisfied, now it's his chance.. ;-)!

Yes, sdu, come back!

What Bob said. ;)

Hasn't he suffered enough

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