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Strong behind


These days it seems my only worry is that I'm going to get jaded.


Well, I don't mean to complain, but these late come from behinds are disrupting my sleep patterns...


I mean last night I dreamt I was locked in the Louvre...


Go on...


But being locked in wasn't the problem... see the creepy thing was that every masterpiece in the Louvre had been replaced with a period appropriate painting of a Centaur.


There were Gothic centaurs, Renaissance centaurs, Baroque centaurs, Neoclassical centaurs, Impressionist centaurs, Cubic centaurs, Dadaist centaurs, Abstract Expressionist centaurs...hell, there was even an Andy Warhol pop art centaur.


Hmmm, very interesting... May I ask if you recognized any of the centaurs.


Um, I'd rathah not say.



O.K., so I know I"m late with this comment, but:

I moved out to the Chicago area as a kid back in the summer of '68 (got there the day that the west side of Chicago went up in flames when MLK was shot - nice intro ...). A little while later I got some cheap tickets to the outfield bleachers in front of the end of the 1st base line at old Comiskey Park, home of the White Sox. I'm looking right down the 1st base line.

White Sox up, man on 1st, one out. Ground ball to George Scott. Takes a step, flips Black Beauty down to snap it up, flips the ball to 2nd. For some reason I don't follow the ball, I keep my eye on George. He unhurredly turns his back on 2nd, strolls 3 steps to the bag, puts his foot on it, turns, flips Black Beauty up and *whap* the ball hits the pocket, end of the inning and he calmly flips the ball to the mound, turns and strolls to the dugout. The ball may have been thrown while his back was turned to 2nd.

Just so calm and smooth. I knew I was watching a pro at work.

I was reading Canto XII of the Inferno last night (not kidding!).

The translator's notes on the canto said something like, "Centaurs in mythology were associated with rape and drunken violence. So I hope Doug is feeling alright this morning.

Somehow I think Doug is hb's even darker side. (if that's possible.)
The centaur is a frequent metaphor indicating deeply repressed homosexual/bi- sexual yearnings. But I flunked psych-twice- so, what do I know, anyway? I can't spell...

Thank god for whoever came up with spell check, flawed tho it can be...

You creeps get that the centaur is a reference to something in yesterday's comments, right?

Ya, I hope no one tries to cut off one of our compatriot's appendages after battle (the horn won't cut, so... go watch the aweful movie Your Highness for a total chuckle in this regard. And picture Bob).

someone is noticeably Abbysent from the comments today....

Looking noble was never one of my strong points.

All day centaur retreat?

Yeah, one of those centaur corporate team building things....

"Catch me, I'm falling." Thud.

"Sorry. No arms."

BTW Bob would have had a better line.

We need Bob!

Sorry I'm late. Was sitting for my portrait. We decided against the centaur at the last moment (Abby said something about me not having proportional "equipment"). The good news is, I'm looking great as an Attercroppe.

That is creepy, except in this crowd, where it's just another day in Creepyville.

Word of advice Bob-Let it dry before you mount it on the ceiling over the bed. ;D

Great description of George Scott @ first base. Don

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