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Smelling the roses

Well, there'll be a lot of second guessing Farrell's gamesmanship this morning.


Yeah, whatevah. I used up entiah lifetime's worth of second guessing during the months of Novembah and Decembah in the year 1986.


And yet we live in a culture that seems predisposed to isolate a single root cause for all inevitability...


If only Farrell hadn't relied on Morales and Villareal we wouldn't have lost.


If only you'd more effectively tweaked your statins, you wouldn't have died.


But in the end you will lose baseball games and you will die.


Meanwhile there's another baseball game tonight and, God willing, we'll be alive to enjoy it win or lose.


Seriously. We are the luckiest guys on Earth.



Watched the whole sorry thing. Ninth inning was like The Pit and the Pendulum without the rescue.

Being tied with the Rays smells more like the Corpse plant to me ;O

Being tied with the Rays smells more like a Corpse plant to me ;O

Damn double posts :(

One man's 'tied' is another man's 'two behind in the loss column'.

Farrell can't be faulted for the fact that pitchers are as coddled as a certain cat of my acquaintance.
The Chairman says that I have no right to criticize him. He is not coddled, he is in the entitled class.
Today (today) I (I)consider myself (myself)the luckiest man (man) on...

Actually, tonight's game is this afternoon. 3:45 EDT start. Hope this is enough time to reschedule any meetings.

rn, good to know HT


In all seriousness, I can't thank Farrell, Dempster and the Sox enough:

“I thought about appealing, but at the end of the day, major league baseball does a really good job of thinking through punishments before they hand them out. I just thought it was in the best interest of us as a team just to go ahead and serve my suspension and move forward.”

So instead of putting the issue to bed, RD and the Sox PR machine issues more locker room bulletin board material to further galvanize the Yankees.

A walk off walk is like passing away while sleeping....kinda meh for both teams.

A walk off walk loss is like getting a letter from your girlfriend and you think she's complimenting you but she's not, and you don't realize it until you've bought flowers and are heading over to her house.

A walk is to a walk off walk loss as a fart is to a shart.

The collective angst is palpable. Is this the part where the faithful complain that, while outscoring the Giants 21-4, the Sox only took 2 out of 3?

Angst lives here.
And yes, we will bitch about the loss on Tuesday. We have to.

The Giants must really stink.

I'll take the blame for Tuesday's loss. I moved from my original seat...with the lead. The two old folks sitting next to me left in the 8th. I decided to switch seats and move down (AT&T is roomier than Fenway but a guy still needs some room). The shitstorm commenced soon after.

My fault...not JF.

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