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Slouching towards gomorrah

I've gotten so used to the late rally followed by the extra inning win that last night came as something of a shock.


Free content just isn't what it used to be.


It makes me sick. Rememebah the old days when bloggahs were actually motivated, when they wanted to be something, to mean something to the world?


That world and and the world where fat-shaming kept people's gluttony in check is long gone.


Seriously. Lazy bloggahs and women who could be solid 8s if they pushed away from the buffet table is what is ruining this friggin country.


Well, don't forget the lack of high speed rail.


Look all I want out of life is to be reading, free, frequently updated blog content, surrounded by thin, attractive women all while travelling in a train going 200 miles per hour. It that too fucking much to ask for!?


You know there's only one man who can create that kind of world.




He wins games he isn't even playing.



I feel dirty after clicking the buffet table link. I'm off to read a few posts at Jezebel to restore balance.

Yeah, I guess bloggers have the right to get lazy, or devoted to those around them.
Now, to go to that expensive pet boutique to get Blue Rhino for the Chairman. If I don't, he'll have exactly the same reaction as though...
Hang on. Let him eat the store brand. That gourmet store DOES have the 6'6" auburn haired beauty that thinks I am creepy. Wonder how she saw that;-)

One of those HB strips that keeps building and building until the pressure causes hot coffee to explode out of the nose.

Ouch!! Consider(some of us) duly chastized.

Dear HB, thank you for your daily witty dose of Red Sox related humor---I do check your blog every morning. I have especially appreciated the recent Putin references (Im Russian). Glad your dog is feeling better. Suggestion: since people love cute dogs, what about making Charlie a recurrent character who makes an appearance when the Red Sox suck (to help us all cope with the disappointment)?

So SSA checks into this strip once in a blue moon, bitches, and gets immortalized by HB. Life is so unfair.

We need to sic the rhubarb lady on ssa

Starting with the tail of yesterdays comments (which I missed because I had written off the day... fuck me) as the prequel, this is one of my favorite strips evah. I likes me some intelligent smackdown. And Putin to boot? Cherry.

Not from the Urban Dictionary.

Person 1: SSA totes has SWAG.
Person 2: You're a douche bag.

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