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Lester rights the ship

That was some vintage Jon Lestah last night.


If I could save time in a bottle, that Jon Lestah staht would be the first thing I'd do.


Yeah, but if you put Lestah in a bottle, you should put a ship in there too so, you know, he has someplace to walk around between stahts and all.


Well, sorta depends on the ship.



I was thinking more along the lines of the S.S.Minnow ;O

I prefer a ship's name on the label: Cutty Sark for instance.
Pitchers are like craft beers. Some are worth what you overpay. Some you just overpay for. I claim this, but some one smarter had to have written it, and used it in a sitcom that I watched during a commercial break on the show/ game I was watching.

Brewing my own I don't have to worry about this,or as a wise man once said "I don't know how they make it so cheap"

Ack! No Titanic references allowed when the Sox are in 1st place in mid-August!

I am old enough to recall the advert the, "I don't know how they made it so cheap" came from. I recall it as Piel's, which I heard during a minor league game. Naragansett's slogan, "Hi, neighbor! Have a "'gansett!" Helped get me through mosquito laden nights on Rangeley Lake, the World's Largest Mosquito Hatchery during Sox games on a bootleg radio!
The Mets had Rhinegold, The MFY's Ballantine, The Indians had Koeheler, The Pirates had Iron City, The Phillies Schmidt's, oh there I go...
The O's Nat Boh, The Tigers had Stroh's...Gotta get me a fire brewed Stroh's. The mortal enemies the Cubs and Cards both went with Bud. Go figure. Imagine the Sawx and MFY's having the same beer sponsor. Wait they do, but that is MLB's doing.

Time to set out the deck chairs.

Cubs still go with Old Style. Not exactly top shelf.

I did an MBA case study on the economies of scale in the brewing industry - there is a reason why Bud was/is the (sales) King of Beers. I'd just returned from four years in Germany drinking beers brewed by monks - compared to which Bud was/is also the Piss of Beers.

Agree Steve. German beer rules.

Abso-f*in-lutely Steve (followed closely by Belgians)

I'll go with real ales/cask ales in the UK. I find German pilsners rather sweet.

My favorite was Kulmbacher Monchshof Brau, est 1349.

A dramatic change in the Angst Meter around here.

We seem to have strong opinions on beer, so what's your prefs on chicken?


I'm pretty partial to an oven roasted heirloom myself.

KFA, all the way. (kentucky fried arsenic, of course.)

Cordon bleu.

Fried with a good scald, no extra seasonings.

Perdue oven-stuffer roaster, cooked vertically on a beer can roaster.

shake & bake. or is that wake & bake? I know I like one of those.

beer can chicken all the way. With a good cayenne, olive oil, salt, pepper rub w/ some lemons.

Perfect with just about anything from Russian River BrewCo. The Euros have great beer, but we're catching up. I give Euro tourists directions to the RRBC beer joint all the time -they're big fans.

For beer, I'll take an American craft brewed IPA anytime.

My goto chicken dinner is grilled, seasoned with salt, pepper, and cayenne, and served with a pineapple- mandarin salsa.

Kick out the jams mother f*cker. Farewell Elmore Leonard.

Dempster gets 5 games off. I believe that says everything MLB wants it to say.

correction - 5 days. now my statement doesnt sound so stupid.

Not to go too esoteric on y'all, but my new favorite chicken recipe is Roasted Chicken with Clementines and Arak from the killer new cookbook "Jerusalem." Washed down with a Yuengling.

Nothing wrong with a nice cold Lord Chesterfield.

I love extra hot beer batter wings with cold Bud. Gotta watch the wallet ;-)
A local place has grilled chicken on weck with extra hot sauce, Mayo and beef. Trust me it's Yummy.

speaking of watching the grass grow...Mothra was released. We need a solid #6 in the rotation.

Rolling Rock and BBQ Chicken

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