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Leading from behind

The 4 games that felt like forty with the Royals are finally behind us.


Seriously. I have seen that much of the Royals since Prince Harry dropped his knickahs in Vegas.


The crazy thing is despite losing 3 of 4 to KC, the Red Sox actually extended their 1st place lead from 1 game to 3.


Thanks to the losahs of 5 straight and 7 of 9 Tampa Bay Rays.


Don't get cocky.




He loves you.





How 'bout those Dodgers?

The only thing good over this weekend from my perspective was MLB Network carrying Don & Jerry's account of Saturday's game. That the Sawx won it is a bonus.
The Rays got swept. Nice. The MFYs looked old. It could have been better, but then...

Words from the Ghost of Willy May's spirit: "Mark me, Slappy, with your tortuous gifts you will never match my home runs... isn't that a real shame?" Hamlet

Still only up 1 in the loss column. Hopefully they can right the ship against the Jays and MFYs

I believe Willie is still with us on Earth. Though probably not a Sox fan, alas.

Say Hey ;O

Paul, you might be right, thanks to that white-sheeted coach we called "Pinky."

I was traveling in NH last week hence the late update on predictions. With a prediction of 69 wins, SAC is the first to drop out and your humble scribe follows with 70 wins. As was the case last year, we may not have an outright winner this year. Top predictions were 92 wins by COD and Redsoxnumba1. Sox only need to go 21-21 to get to 92 wins. Seems a given. Oops. Did I just gooch the team?

Yazbread: Don't sweat it.

The Ghost of Pinky Higgins.

I love you, too,


And you all mocked me for my optimism...

Sadly, I didn't share my confidence with my bookie.

Will Whitey finish his sentence before A-Rod starts his?

Are they still deliberating on Billy?

Mostly guilty. At 83, a life sentence is only a matter of less than ten years.

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