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I'd totally forgotten about Carl

You know that Jennifer Lopez story about the dude living in her house for a week would have been so much bettah if the intruder had turned out to be Manny Ramirez.


One day they'll find that Manny's been living in left field scoreboard.


So did you hear that Carl Crawford want to beat the Red Sox "bad"?


You know, you'd think that a guy who owns an antiquarian bookstore would no the correct use of the adverb.


I still can't believe I fell for that.


Though I guess it's some consolation that if I was duped, a full million othahs have been supah-dupah duped.



Supah-dupah duped?? ;D

Nice, Harwich. Amended.

Manny can set up a hobo camp under that bridge with Derek Sanderson.

Carl... Heh!

"He rarely steals bases (11) or hits home runs (5) anymore, and is signed for four more years at $82.5 million."

Go read a book, loser...

Maybe the Lacken can throw at Carl to start the game off.

Just saying, but I wonder if the books are the main source of revenue at that bookstore Crawford "owns". Just saying. Words get twisted a lot nowadays.
The fun will be on big time when the NFL's cut down Tuesday hits. MLB doesn't have an equivalent day, just vague guidelines that most teams play like the lottery so underperformers can be moved in and out as needed.
I cannot let this one go. Dice-K signed with the Mets. The amazin's know how to pick guys past their sometimes non existent prime.

I take back what I said a few days ago...I don't think Henry & Co. have ever drawn a stupid breath, as Captain Dudley Smith would say...brilliant backfill here from just the right guy:


Crawford blames the "atmosphere" in Boston for his pathetic performance here. Trouble is, the smog in Los Angeles hasn't done much to improve his average, games played, steals, etc. Maybe he'd like the thin air in Denver? The stench of urine in New York?

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. (Although I'll still be on vacation.)

I love Big Papi, but I don't love this comment "you can't let any team break a contract, because then the next time a player gets a DUI, or is charged with domestic violence or with any other thing, then the team may try to get out of a contract. They would have (precedent)". Which imples he also disagrees with the Pats cutting f'ing Hernandez...

Victoria Jackson wasn't duped.

Bob left out the odd earthquake, the gawd awful traffic, apparently he hasn't tried to drive to Chez O'Malley at 4 PM lately.
The Chairman, who is of like mind in the arrogance department, feels for no one. He feels Crawford has the right to be a spoiled kid into his 30's, The Chairman does have his standards however, and as one in his 80's (in cat years)has as stated no time for anyone. I am excluded as I am his Chef, and water service provider. He is glaring at me. Seriously glaring.

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