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Teal is the new black

We interrupt all of your regulah scheduled programing to announce...

The Duchess is in Labah!


Sigh. I wish the Royals all the best and all but every time I see Americans getting wood for the British Monarchy my innah John Adams goes "Harumph!"


Yeah, that's sorta how I feel when I see Rivera get a standing O at Fenway.


I mean, don't get me wrong, the dude's one of the best evah to play the game, but... you know.


Here's what I don't get. If we're giving him the standing adulation in July, what are we gonna do during the final Fenway Yankees series in Septembah?


A standing ovation while wearing a teal bridesmaid dress.


I was thinking I'd create a clip art comic strip where the characters talk about nothing but Rivera and call it "Marianolix.com"


That would be creepy.


Or would it?



Creepiness is defined within the mind [If any ;)] of the reader. The MFYs closer got the left over love from the All Star game.
My Brit gal pal refers to the Royals as "Glitzy Parasites", which sorta sums up a certain team during 2012.

Oh God no. Oh God no no no.

'smatta, Bob? Don't look good in teal?

I feel we'd have the creepiness to cover both sites.
Stayed up to watch. Hurting now. First day back from vacation, too Zzzzzzzz

Our Australian correspondent will be on hand in Sept to give Mo a proper sendoff. Joined by some of the rest of us creeps

Well at least the royal baby takes our eyes off the Rays coming to town.

Only Royals worthy of attention are in KC, and then only as possible trade partners.

Marianolix.... (ad madlib here) Slappy McBlueballs? Mah taint?
Jeter's gooch?

And that chuck and bill sho know how to shake them family jewels and get some purdy girls to be their duchesses.

Remember folks, pink smoke from the hospital means a girl, blue smoke it's a boy.

Pink smoke,blue smoke...what do blue balls signify??

I'll be there Buck to show him some "Fruitbat love" ;O

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