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Take two Jameson, call me in the morning

It's your creepy host here riding the metaphysical trolley of life...


And letting you know I need to take mental health day...


I've got a wicked case of the malaise.


Actually have had it since returning from vacation but today is first day it's led to writer's block.


I've got nothing.


And I'm listening to the complete Smiths on endless loop on Spotify. That pretty much sums it up.


"and lying in my bed / I think about life and I think about death / and neither one / particularly appeals to me"



Ah yes h.b.,but how soon is now??

The Smiths? I hope you're not near any razors, ropes, guns, exhaust pipes, gas ovens, pills, hot needles, or bathtubs-with-a-toaster-on-the-ledge.

Malaise and Morrissey go together like a gas leak and a Bic.

that inspired me.


Be glad that we're still a week ahead of the MFY's yes, it's clinging. TMZ will cover the A Fraud-MFY divorce, which will be fun if Bud doesn't meddle in it...
I suggest taking tomorrow off, sleeping in, and being indifferent to all other than one's self.

Some writer's block!

My first thoughts were echoed by Bob, hope you are well away from stuff like that.

I have a "the smiths" station on pandora that has been getting a lot of play lately, because heaven knows i'm miserable now. (weird couple of weeks at work).

Hopefully "unloveable" Lackey doesn't panic, and paints the corners rather than paints a vulgar picture.

Apparently mother nature has a case of malaise too. Got yourself a rainout HB. Sleep in late tomorrow.

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