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Summer Holiday (Days 6 and 7 of 10)

The Soxaholix are on holiday and will return July 15, 2013 …

Lisa the Temp:
Often a temporary boss at a temporary office will become angry.


Lisa the Temp:
Sometimes this anger is unfortunately directed at the temp worker.


Lisa the Temp:
If you should ever find yourself in this situation, my peeps, this is my advice...


Lisa the Temp:
Smile serenely and say, "I am so sorry. It was like that when I got here."


Lisa the Temp:



I wish Lisa was at the Saturday game. The team needed some of her righteous justice after that debacle.

She couldn't have helped last night as they were asleep for the most part.
"This bat is dead." Everybody quoting Pedro Cerrano

I think the All-Star Break (which I typically loathe because it's like a bathroom break in the middle of hot sex) is coming at just the right time for the Sox. Seems as though they need to recharge some batteries.

Maybe pinch hit for the rookie shortstop that can't hit? I dunno...

Watched a little bit of the game last night. I just don't feel the love. The beer and chicken taste will just not go away.

I dunno, gang, there's a lot of gloom and doom here for a team that had zero expectations and is currently 18 games over .500 and toting a 4.5 game lead.

I'm actually quite stoked about this team. Been watching lots of them lately. Good group of boys. Winning a lot. Much offense. Still have pitching problems, but who doesn't. Iglesias might be the best ss since nomar. Not saying he is nomar, but since nomar it has been pretty bleak. Kid makes good defense and is hitting pretty well. Uehara is workable. The sat night FUBAR was more of a Farrel, 3rd baseman thing than a closer issue. Last night, dog shit all the way around. But to be fair the angels are like 13 of last 15 or something. They are in stride right now. I like that Farrell is bringing rookies up and making guys earn the spot they are in. And yes Natalie, the break is an annoying piss with a boner, whether its yours or the one waiting for you back bedside. I think that analogy will stay around my head for awhile :)


What Bob said ;D

No need to add to Bob and Rich.
SSSSSHHHH their bats are asleep, again.

It doesn't help that the Sox continue to face All Star pitchers. Oh look, another one tonight. How about that!


They are just getting the August swoon out of the way early this year.

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