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Make way for Raylings

You know, Texas may have gotten Garza...


And the Rays may indeed have won 6 straight, 14 of 15, and 18 of their last 20 games...


And this could be the Red Sox last day in first place...


But you know what I say?


No, what say you?


I say, "Bobby Valentine is *not* the managah of the Boston Red Sox!"


We are all winnahs heah.


Hashtag truth.



AND Bailey is done for the year. So we've got that going for us too.

" The sky is falling"-C.Little

The battle for a wild card spot begins.

There aren't too many ways a team can turn itself away from a mistake. The obvious risk lies in making a different mistake. #"Good pitching will beat all hitters, from the best to the worst".- Joe Maddon, who should know.
"Good pitching covers a number of sins". I can't find who said it most memorably.

And here's something to make the day even better:

The Yankee's rights fee from the YES network will increase from $85 million this season to $350 million in 2042.

We only have 29 years of competitive baseball left.

"The sky ain't falling. That's the guy I want out there" - G. Little

Every time I think about the fact that Bobby Veet is no longer our manager, this is my reaction:


The Sawx have been DeRAYled ;O

"We got a really big shoe tonight..." -- Rich Little

He sounded just like Ed Simian ;D

7 years, $100 million. Done deal.

Wow, and it doesn't start until the end of his current contract. I think that means he's signed through 2022.

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