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Big win

Ah, cancel that Rays victory parade.


Yeah, Lestah rained all ovah it.


Throwing 12 of 13 changeups in the strikezone when behind in the count? Yeah, that's impressive all right.


Seriously, and his curve was so shahp late in the count that Carlos Dangah stahted to use a pic of it as a selfie Tweet on.



What a Weiner ;D

I feel a Beavis & Butthead moment coming on.
But, it ain't as bad as chasing a Jon Lestah change up, from the same motion as his heater (Cheese to Eck) and being punched out.
I am ashamed to live in a state where pols do that stuff and go right on getting (re)elected. Voting is like shopping for bananas in a low end supermarket, you wish for a good one, settle for the least bad one.

I thought his middle name was Danger.

"Regnard Kcin-I spell my name,DANGER"

Pedroia: $100MM Man?

Now *that* would be worth a selfie...

Yeah, Pedey could take Lee Majors and break him over his thigh like a bat.

...and NOT a big win.

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