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This way to the regress

Ah, so this is the phenomena the statisticians refer to as "regression toward the mean." I finally get it.


Does this normal curve make my butt look big?


You should try the Poisson.


Only if it's fried.



Sounds like the old law of gravity: Sometimes you win/sometimes ya lose/sometimes ya wind up singin' the blues.
Buchhy and Jon an' hang on!

CHB is such a fucking chump - accusing Papi of steroids based on nothing more than supposition (without actually coming out and accusing him so he can't be sued) Clueless and gutless.

Baseball is deterministic chaos in action.

Bye bye Webster. And take Felix with you.

Krejci's OT goal took away my Sox pain.

Just slather on the Bullfrog.

"It rubs the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again..."

Natalie-Tek is VERY jealous ;D

Steve, you seriously didn't think the same thing about Papi? C'mon- really?
especially with his recent injuries mostly involving tendons, which is another telltale sign?

Fuck the redsox. Go redsox.

ok, just play

@bwf, I can tell you from personal experinece that lower body tendon injuries occur without steroid use. Papi is carrying around a lot of weigth on those 37 year old joints. With the past accusations already out there and after witnessing the experince of his best buddy, (Manny the scourge of Tiwanese pitchers), I just don't think he is dumb enough to do roids.

3 down, 13 to go.

Go B's.

Also, I'll be sitting on the Green Monster on Mother's Day with some friends that just became parents 4 months ago. I need sign ideas to hold/tape up.

of course, and pitchers can get a good grip on the ball with resorting to Bullfrog and eye of newt, but it sure helps....


@BucknerWasFramed, did you know the losing streak was coming? Is that why you gave me those nice tickets in good weather on Tuesday night? (thanks btw).

Small world story: turns out we worked together at summer camp 35 years ago!

We had some brits sitting behind us and women drinking wine to our left. The pahk is gett'n weird.

it hurts to read "35 years ago" and my name in the same sentence and realize that *sigh* it is true.... I need some of whatever vitamins Papi is taking

Two North Woods vets?

None of your responses have been good to put on a sign Sunday...

I'm Breast Feeding the Monster - you got a problem with that?

Happy Monster's Day

@jfm South: Myles Standish State Forest. Scrub pine and scrub oak as far as the eye could see.

How about. Size Matters


You all know my favorite-Chicks dig tuba players.

Too cerebral, Harwich.

Too obvious, sdu.

I like Happy Monster's Day, Jeff!

Have a great game,Kaz :)

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