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Take two lingonberries and call me in the morning

Look to win in Chicago you have to get creative. You know, payoff the unions, get dead people to the polls, and unseal your opponent's embarrassing divorce testimony.


Meanwhile, anothah day, anothah Bruins rally for the win.


Gotta love the sound of saying New York is on "the brink of elimination."


I did so much celebrating last night that I ended up at one of those urgent care clinics with stomach pain.


I told the doc that I think I had one too many Makkaras.


Doc said, "Makkaras? Are you Finnish?"


And I was like, "Finnish? Are you kidding me, doc, I'm just getting stahted."


Insert rimshot.


I'm here all week, folks, try the reindeer.



Ugh. UGH. My only consolation is that perhaps in game 4 Tortorella not-coach himself right out of a job. STOP PLAYING ZUCCARELLO. If you're wondering who Zuccarello is, he's the tiny forward ineffectually trying to check your players (-2 last night!). And yes, the wife rubbed it in last night.

Too many Makkaras? I think that kind of goes with rimshot. Ba-doom! (Too early?) ;D

Donder tri-tip and rack of Blitzen? Yes, please.

I wanted to try the Donder, but the waiter thought I said Donner.

I only caught the 3rd period of the B's game, but I guess that's all I needed to see. Get out the brooms! (sorry ponch)

Ya sure,you betcha. ;o

The way the Bruins are playing, a sane human can only stand a period at a time.
"It's people. (makkaras are) made out of people. Next thing they'll be breeding us like cattle for food.... You gotta tell them!" Detective Thorn, over acted by Charlton Heston, who didn't give up his gun until they pried it from his cold, dead. Fingers.

I'm partial to Chuckie making out with the Ape. ;D

Yes, Kaz, I think I'll Pass on the Donner.

speaking of rim shots, anyone else read this ?


Rectum? I hardly knew him.

Donner? Hardly knew her.


I thought Makkaras played right field for the Orioles!

Could have gone my whole life without reading that story kinyah...

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