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Working for the weekend

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
It's Friday, the club is 8 games over 500 and Buchholz has gone absolutely #beastmode yet Brachen's taken the day off?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Says he's got too much day job work*.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
What a Nancy-boy.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
But, you're right, Ted, work is important.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
I mean somebody's got provide the welfare checks for the would be terrorists among us.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Terrorist are people, too, you know.


*[It's true. I'm busier than an areola colorist in a RealDoll factory 14-day backordered. – H.B.]


8 games over .500. I know this because I have the RealDoll with radio dial areolas.

Right, just as there are two areolae. Corrected.

"Can you get UHF on that thing?"

I think its safe to say the welfare system is F(*&*D

We pay for the materials these scumfuckers used to make the bombs..how screwed up is that

Wheres the nearest electric chair?

Wait. No one told me about this profession at h.s. career day. Wasted my life....

Eight games over? Buchhy and Lestah doing well, sun's out in Mudville and the Paw Sox are here. Doesn't get much better.
SAC, H.S. career people LIE pass it along.
I would kill that punk with an open ended timed ED that could go off anytime up to six hours and handcuff him to it.

I remember the days when you needed a real doll just to get TV 38.

Actually, HB, the plural of areola is "oh, yeah."

I was talking with a MFY fan this morning and was like, "Yeah, Drew is terrible, and Gomes looks horrible, and Uehara is getting hit, and . . . holy shit this team is 15-7 and I'm going to quit bitching right now."

I will be stealing the new "I'm busier than..." line. Original stuff is great, especially when I get to copy it.

Go redsox. Down with welfare for terrorists. Up with death sentences, or better yet, can we blow his legs off with a bomb first and then let him bleed out on the sidewalk? That should cost less than prison and we can get all the materials we need for free.

But Jeff, he's so dreamy.

(Yes, this asshole has female fan sites now. What kind of emotional issues does a woman suffer from if she thinks a child murderer, cop killer and multiple maimer is "hot" and just "needs some lovin'.")

Not ready to crow about the Sox just yet. If they can go 3-3 on the upcoming road trip to Toronto & Texas then they are solid (85-90 wins), if 4-2 on the trip then maybe we're in store for a 90-95 win year. Was at game on Wednesday where Lester walked (6?) batters and huffed and puffed at the umpire all game, then glared at him when he left the game. Hope Farrell spanked him after the game.

The kicker is he is getting top-notch/top-dollar medical care so he can be executed in the future.

chip, if you'd been watching K-Zone you'd have seen why Lester was so upset. He struck out at least 4 guys that either were awarded a walk or got a hit later in the at bat. Last night it was just the opposite, with Buck getting strike calls on pitches 8 inches off the plate. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it now that NESN is showing the K-Zone on every pitch, but the ball/strike calls seem more random than ever. I think it is time to go to automated 'in-the-zone/out-of-the-zone' pitch calling, and let the ump worry about swing/no-swing, hbp and interference calls.

As much as I believe drawing and quartering to be the right punishment, I just don't see him ever being executed. Even if he's sentenced to die in Federal court, it'll take ten years, and by then there'll be another liberal supreme court appointment or two and they will take the death penalty off the table, at least for those under 21 at the time they commited the murder, if not everyone.

Unless he's in Solitary pretty sure he'll be shanked straight away.

Hopefully he gets boned first. ;O

Yeah, once he's in prison, some 360-pound beast is going to explode in his pressure cooker.

He'll probably go straight to SuperMax and then be in isolation for the rest of his days. For all you suddenly bloodthirsty folks in New England, you might want to consider the position of your candidate and his/her party on the death penalty the next time you go to the ballot box.

On a lighter note - are playoff tickets on sale yet?

Bet C's tickets are a bit less pricy than they were when the series started.
Bruins tickets? Gotta know a guy that knows a guy....

Steve, did you type that last sentence with a straight face?? Hell, our governor is just as likely to pardon him, and then offer him retroactive welfare checks for the inconvenience

Female fan sites, huh? Well this thing just keeps imitating bad TV, ref. The Following.

And not really having a good feel for what passes for cool in Group W (look it up), if they see him as a "litterer", solitary won't help him. They might however see him as a guy who "created a nuisance".

KIDS! Whatsamatter with kids today?

Ah, brings back memories of the great, somehow closeted, Paul Lynde.

Peter Marshall: If you were pregnant for two years, what would you give birth to?
Paul Lynde: Whatever it is, it would never be afraid of the dark.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

George Jones. Dead. 81. His hair will forward on though.

I'm not busy.


Got a look at Jackie Bradley,Jr. This guy is in a serious slump. Toronto's pitchers are not exactly locks to shine for the big club. Channeling my inner cliché spewing sports writer. Ballpark nearly empty, Sabres ended season and drew a full house. Can you say gluttons for punishment? Where did I put those...

@bwf, my point exactly. The death penalty will not survive another Dem administration in Washington and its Supreme Court appointment(s). So no matter how heinous the crime, such as blowing up random 8 year olds on the street, you get to keep sucking air.

Personally, I love that K-Zone is shown for every pitch now, rather than.. oh look, the pitcher is pissed, let's check where that pitch was. Now it's.. Oh Look, the Ump F'd that call up too and yep, pitcher is rightly pissed off.

And yes, I watched that game with Lester pitching, and I was screaming at the TV on some of those calls. Umps need to be reviewed for that crap, and for the fact that sometimes they are squeezing the hell out of the strike zone resulting in walks and/or hits because the pitcher basically has to deliver a middle/middle pitch to get a damn strike call.

Umps are reviewed, but like priests, we are not privy to what happens. Thus, we are often pissed off when it appears as though nothing is being done.

Anyone notice that Carl Crawford it tearing it up in LA? Guess this just wasn't the place for him.

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