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Where it began...

Now where were we...


Well, according to the national news media, we'd been driven to collective bed wetting with fear and grief and it was only the surprise and ultimately soothing Fenway appearance of Neil Diamond that gave us the strength to get our shit togethah and somehow carry on.


I like that little shuffle step Neil does when he sings.


Somewhere a groundskeppah was muttering, "Would you look at this guy... He's gonna wear a bare patch in my grass!"


Meanwhile, when did the Royals good?


Were the Royals good or were the Sox just bad in both games of the double?


Aftah winning 7 straight, I think I can accept a bad day.



The Royals are okay. They can hit at least. I'd be surprised if their pitching holds up for an entire season though.

I won't be surprised if the pitching for the Sox holds up. Looks like we have some pretty poised gents down on the farm who we can plus in as needed.

Jesus it's nice to talk baseball.

Washington is mad at Bostinimum. For a while it was almost as paranoid as that place often is. The Sox bullpen is normal. Late inning two run leads are even less safe than Washington's Streets are. A safe lead is a myth we are still keeping from the heady '00's.

The bullpen still has me worried. Not 2012 worried...but worried.

I promise to buy 10 $50 beers a game if it means we can buy a proven closer.

Some production from the bottom of the order would be nice

Hey, the bottom of the order gets a hit 1 out 10 at bats. What more do you want?

The royals got kinda good about a year and a half ago. Streaky good, not constant good. Our hitters looked a little like they were trying to hard, reaching for too much. All in all, on this day 1 year ago I was a bit less happy. A large bit (baseball speaking of course).

And how 'bout that new Drew guy. He looks to be an even bigger disappointment for the money than his bro, if that's even possible.

It 's April.
Thinking of putting Chechnyan sunsets on offer


It 's April.
Thinking of putting Chechnyan sunsets on offer


Jackie Bradley, Jr.? Ten words or less.

12 and 6 and in first place? Last year on April 22nd they were 4 and 10 and dead last. I'm pleasantly surprised for now.

Yeah, can't complain about this start. Should be interesting to see how long it takes for Drew's head to be called for. Guy keeps hitting .100 and soon or later it's time to eat the 9.5m loss and move on.

Still don't understand the logic behind not sending down player X to AAA because said player makes $XXX millions. It's ok to send down JI because he's young and cheap but not SD? WTF? Then, of course, SS seems to our Achilles so it may not matter.
I hope Papi makes more pre-game speeches.

i don't understand that either, sonomasox, but that's why we don't get paid the big money to make these decisions and then sneak out of Fenway wearing a gorilla suit.

Nancy II has 7 years MLB experience and was drafted in 2004. I think it is very unlikely he has any minor league options left (I don't know how to verify this though). If that's true, they can only send him to the minors if he is on a rehab assignment. I know games get played (e.g. Hanrahan's supposedly injured hammy) but simply having no clue in the batter's box isn't an injury - his play as SS clearly shows he isn't injured.

Who cannot like Webster? Papi? Nana, hand me the soap. Unlike last year, at this point in the season-- our depth (esp. the mound) make make for a great September. But I'm hearing Kaz.
I hear there is a boat for sale in Watertown for "cheap."

I'm still bummed about no Divinyls reunion.

Harwich - your'e ALL right.


BTW, I've just listen to two buffoons on WEEI talk about David Ortiz swearing. It reminded me of Kurtz in Apocalypse Now:
"We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene ... "

So it goes.

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