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Truthers and Birthers....

I'm not setting aside any nights in Octobah yet, but I tell you I've seen more *team* in this team so fah this season than I have at any point since the Septempocalypse of '11.


The Farrell Effect?


That reminds me... I have a conspiracy theory.


Does this tin hat make my butt look big?


Al, your butt makes your butt look big.


I am lahge. I contain many foods.


So as I was saying... What if Farrell was the guy the front office wanted all along?


Knowing that Farrell would be locked up for all of 2012, wouldn't it be risky to bring in a decent managah in the interim?


You know someone who might take the team to the playoffs and might end up reasonably liked by the fans and playahs alike? How would you get rid of a guy like that aftah one season?


Wouldn't it make more sense to for the one year period to appoint a skippah with a high probability of being hated by all?


Yeah, so you basically piss away an entiah year, but you get your guy and if you really believe your guy is *the* guy, well, the ends justify the means.


Food for though.


Om yom yom.



Hmmm, The Magic Blew-it theory, huh?

And is it just coincidence that Bill LEE, HARVEY Leonard and Patton OSWALT all visited Fenway last year? (The "t" is Oswalt is a big part of another theory altogether.)

Whooooooaaaa. Mind=blown. I see the matrix now. I shall henceforth equip the bus with plenty of premium tinfoil so we can fashion only the most righteous of hats (no pink).

It is just a short step from a pitching mound on a grass infield to the grassy knoll.

And a man named John Connolly is running for mayor of Boston. Which would put him in the front seat, ahead of the Kennedys.

Also, Fenway Park. We LOVE that FIELD?

I went to school with John Connelly. Good dude. I'd vote for him.

When does Oliver Stone come in to start his investigation?

I am beginning to think that 2004 and 2007 were simply a well played hoax. Was anyone actually at any of the games?

Yah: Steven King. He wrote a book about it.....hmmmmm

But was it fiction or non-fiction???

Ill buy into the conspiracy. But I need you to call it a strategic business plan. And doesn't call me a Veeter. Don't want to get lumped in with people who believe in conspiracies because they are weird. Not creepy. weird. Not me. Them.

And lest I forget to mention, Pasta is now only Triple A on the menu at a fine place in Pawtucket. Ladies and Gents, we have a manager with balls.

Oh, good God. Has Al been listening to Glenn Beck again??


Or perhaps Oliver Stone?

"(He's)as dead as that crabmeat, (they're) alive and breathing. You gonna line up with a (fired manager), Jimbo?" Dean Andrews to the Sox Fans talking conspiracy, Loosely quoted from JFK, which we all know quoted a bit loosely from history and was a hit with the conspiracy crowd...

Off topic, but here's a problem I think every guy on this creepy site has had to deal with at least once:


Correct as usual,King Friday ;D

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