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This bandwagon is playing our tune

You know things are going well when your biggest complaint in the morning is that there was no game the night before.


Seriously. Right now this club is a joy to watch.


And why not. They're .500 against clubs with a winning record and 12-1 against clubs with a losing record...


Playing .500 against the good teams and beating the tah out of the weakah teams equals a winning formula.


If they play at a seemingly doable 84 win pace the rest of the way, they win 89 games.


Hahd to believe that a year ago at this time the games had already become unwatchable.


Yeah, well, you do realize Bobby Valentine invented the wrap sandwich right?


And I've been told he speaks fluent baseball Japanese.


Which I'm sure comes in handy athletic directing at a Catholic university in suburban Connecticut.



89 games? I wonder who predicted they'd win 89 games.

Of course, I hope I'm way off. 99 sounds even better. (Reverse gooch, in case you're wondering.)

Ah! Was it thus? Veets was in the job just to add it to his resume? Hey! I managed the Red Sox, I speak Japanese, I rude a bike. I piss off my players (including one that the MFYs may put on the DL with back stiffness, a malady I am familiar with...) and I go on New York Radio to bash the team I manage, Did I tell you that I came up with the wrap? My idea.
It pleases me to know that when I desire to see a game, I can go up to the box office and buy one at face value. I missed that.

I've always thought the playoff formula was to win 2 out of every 3 at home and split on the road - that equals 94 or 95 wins. Both wild card teams in the AL had 93 wins last year.

Clay versus Houston...I saw my first win of the season this year.

I went to at least 9 games last year. I've tied my win total of 2012 and it's only April.

Oh what a difference a Farrell manager makes.

And congrats to "Sox West" out in Oakland winning a 19-inning 6-1/2 hour snoozefest on old buddy Brandon Moss' 2nd homer of the game.

Moss, Jed Lowrie, Coco Crisp, Josh Reddick -- Ha, even Bartolo Colon. Lots o' alumni playing in the Bay area.

This bandwagon is playing my flute ;O

You know things are going well, too, when the Sox gain in the standings on a day that they didn't play. I LOVED the fact that the Astros hammered the MFYs 9-1 after we swept them.




The sky is falling, or is about to fall,or will fall. Mark my words.

O, ye of little faith!

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