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Render unto Ceasar

So, Al, per your preseason declaration,if you are compelled to eat a pizza whenevah Napoli jacks one, what happens when he goes grand?


Easy. I add the antipasti, the cannoli, and finish it off with the grappa.


Whomevah invented the natural fit hidden comfort elastic waistband jeans was a true genius, eh Al?


No worries... that's what the gym is for.


You know, Al, that one actually has to go to the gym to get the full effect.


Hey, I was there this morning.


Good for you. Hitting the Cybex machines?


Not quite, but I took a helluva steam.


Meanwhile, the rest of the morning the genernal managah of the gym has been fielding complaints from membahs of a persistant and cloying smell of guanciale in the men's lockah room.


Veni, vedi, veci.



Cheeky, HB.

At least Al's not in Cleveland.


I was wondering who'd be the first with that one... congrats! Hah.

A one cheek sneaker, are we?

Shades of Paul Boomer,Cmdr. ;D

Just don't get caught down wind of him LOL!

Maybe SDU can hook us up with some Melbourne Cabbage ;O

Grande Salumi di Napoli

Grande Salumi. A worthy successor to Saturn Balls?

not on topic, but does anyone else thing that alfredo aceves is the 2nd coming of julian "batshit" tavares? This is ugly, very ugly.

Is it illegal to shoot Aceves? Hanks


@rm,I've been calling him Batshit Jr since he arrived.

and yes, it was an ugly night all the way around (Sox, B's and C's)

*** WEDS 4/24 UPDATE ***

There *will* be a strip today; it's written in my head. But I'm like Atlas having to hold all of the day job up this morning so it's going to be a bit before I can post... could be as late as this afternoon.

This'll give me a chance to go out and buy something frilly.

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