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One if by land...

Listen my children and you shall he-ah, the sound of Al belching 11am be-ah.


Through every Middlesex village and fahm,


The fan folk are questioning the ahms:


"Lestah and Buchh but then what the fuck?"



"A lackey is a lackey even if it quacks like a duck/ But if you're looking for something that feels a bit like heaven/ the stahtahs ERA is just two-point-oh-seven"

Jon and Clay and pray for ra-in.

Indeed. Earliest beer is easy, almost all of the creepies here have imbibed beer at midnight, but starting?
"Every Morning before Breakfast, I don' want no coffee or tea.
Jes' me an' my good Buddyweiser is all I really need..."

The only before-noon start on the MLB schedule, IIRC.

Speaking of food at the ball park - U.S. Cellular Field (where this displaced Sox fan goes to get his live baseball fix once in a while) serves a very tasty good all-beef hot dog. But now they've added something special - for another $1.25 you get a slice of pastrami bacon on top. They ran out before the 5th inning. It's that good. Something to suggest to whoever's in charge of the food at Fenway.

mmmmm...pastrami bacon

Patriots Day makes me miss living in Boston. Have fun, creepsters.

RonF, I am going to have to check that out when I am at the Cell. Thanks from another displaced Sox fan.

Another displaced fan. Check out the Cuban sandwiches at the Cell. As in years past, I regale my students with tales of Patriot's Day (11 am start, Marathon) and recite Longfellow. Routinely not one student can tie it all in to the Battle of Lexington and Concord. I weep for the future.

Free slices of pizza pints of Neapolitan?

"and" pints...

I'm liking the pick up the last two days.

Umm, Mr. Farrell, I realize that I probably know less about baseball than you do about chemical engineering, but do you think, maybe, just maybe you might try this Uehara kid at Closer? I enjoy the walk off win as much as the next guy, but I think we'll probably win more games if our Closer records more saves than blown saves. Just a suggestion...

All creepsters present and accounted for? My heart is with Boston today. How unbelievable...

What the hell happened? Not much news that I can see yet, just word of explosions and injuries. Who is responsible?

What Natlie said. WTF.

I hope you and yours are unharmed.

Fairly graphic pic (no bodies or anything):


NY Post is reporting at least 10 dead. But it's the Post, so.

Boston Police on Twitter are reporting 2 dead, 23 injured, 2 unexploded bombs to be disposed of.

I trust the creepers in Boston would be drinking, and not running a marathon today. I hope all friends and family are accounted for .

Well, that sucked the joy out of a walk off win.

Hopefully the drones have already been released

Hope all soxaholix are okay.


too many sickos in the world. I hope everyone and their loved ones are safe and sound.

I flew out of Logan late in the evening of 9/10. I left the Madrid train station 3 days before it was bombed. And now I've flown back to Boston the day before the marathon was bombed.

There must be an FBI file a mile high full of coincidences...or someone really bad at their job is out to get me. But they haven't gotten me yet.

Back to work today.

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