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Nice start to the week...

Well, here's a juxtaposition you don't expect to see: "Six Strong Innings" paired with "John Lackey"


You know, when hell freezes ovah, I bet the hockey's pretty good.


81 pitches and 56 of them for strikes. Are you kidding me?


About those strikes... A lot of 'em were right down the middle and had we not been playing the AAA Astros, well, you know...


Look, guy, it's Monday, the Sox are 18-7, 2 full games bettah than any othah team, have won 5 straight and have outscored opponents by 40 runs...


So there's no need for pre-emptive bitching and moaning. Carpe diem, bro.



More impressive the performance of the Lacken was the clutch offensive contribution by a Drew.

So watching the game on Sunday, I was having this elaborate fantasy about this streak continuing (cooling a bit, obviously, because I'm not NUTS, shut up) and this being the third WS-winning year of my lifetime. I was basically writing the "Boston Strong!" headlines and "Red Sox Show Resiliance and Dominance of Boston" narratives in my head. I may need to get a life, or a grip, or a drink. Or all three.

It is fun beating up on teams that are in disarray for what ever the reason.

Usually with Lackey, it's more like Seizure the Day. But I'll take it. Maybe those pitches right down the middle were really gyroballs; Dice-K's parting gift to Lackey and the Red Sox.

Glad to see the Sox starting Lackey against the Astros to ease him back into the season.

Based on what K-Zone was showing, the only way Lackey was going to get a strike call was to throw it right down the middle (look at that - me defending Lackey; wonders will never cease!).

Come on folks, it's April.

And could the Sox possibly be traveling to Toronto at a better time? The vaunted Blue Jays are an utter disaster, just lost four straight (close) games to the MFY, and Jose Bautista is getting on base once a game.

I will give benefit of doubt and say Lackey was using the
middle because he could. Take what they give, etc. Last year we were the Astros, so nice change of scene. Its April for everyone and we ain't suckin' hind tit. Ya, baby!

Great start, no doubt. The voice in my head keeps repeating 'reversion to the mean' though. How much longer can we expect Papi to hit .500, or Lackey to pitch competently, or Drew to do anything positive. I'll take it while I can get it though. Veet is still gone so even when they start losing I'll be smiling about that fact.

Come on folks, it's April.

Yep, but it was a NICE April. Too early to go hanging any banners, but nothing wrong with reflecting on this unlikely success and smiling a bit. Reality will bite us in the collective butt soon enough, followed in all likelihood by getting run over by Nat's bus as we all scramble to pile onboard.

Taking in the good stuff and basking in H.B.'s positivity while I can.

I'm thinking the theme song of this year's bus ride might be Happy Happy Joy Joy.

usually, BRIB is an inflection point for suck.


Totally different bus mission this year, creepsters! It's a full-on Sox fan bandwagon, bring your cymbals and kazoos. Still plenty of bourbon and chronic, and PaPesky at the wheel, but this time we're aiming straight at the World Series parking lot, not Bobby Valentine's smug fucking face.

@lc, BRIB? That one even stumps the Urban Dictionary... (Assuming you weren't using blood-speak for "crib". Apparently bloods aren't allowed to use the letter "c" in daily speech.)

I thought I was the only one here at the playground who didn't get it.

Which reminds.. Anyone see Kimmel's bit on fake bands at Coachella? Cringeworthy. I think maybe BRIB was one?

brib=best record in baseball

hb has trademarked it, I think

Natalie, as a veteran driver, I can knock off ass-brain Veep on the way to the lot. Blow him a kiss out the back window.It's April but chemistry goes a long way in sex and in baseball squads.Whoop that trick, Sox!

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