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Marbles and piracies

It may still be cold out, but...


We are 2-0 and the world is mud-luscious.


Absolutely. I saw the goat-footed balloonMan on the way into work this morning.


Was he whistling?


Fah and wee.


Love the goat-footed balloonMan.


I know. And it's been forevah since we've seen him around here.


Yeah, because Valentine ran him off.





The last time the Red Sox started 2-0 on the road and scored 7+ in both games Babe Ruth was still in the starting rotation.


I asked my friend who happened to be the biggest Yankee fan I know if he saw last night's game and he said, "yeah, the Knicks looked great." They're deserting already, it seems.

At first I read "mud-luscious" as "mud-licious," and thought it was another item off Ditka's menu. "Coach's Mud Pie with Gravy."

Yeah, the silence from Skank fans is deafening. I realize it's just two games in, but still, it's Fraud-luscious.

I watched a few innings of the game and Yankee Stadium looked and sounded empty. Granted it wasn't exactly ideal baseball weather.

Hey even Napoli had a hit yesterday. Now if we can just get Middlebrooks off the schneid we might be in business, at least till the goat-footed Lackey pitches.

@ponch: Funniest part is the Knicks will still go under in the playoffs and dash NYer hopes even further.

So how 'bout that Jackie Bradley eh? And Inglesias? Though I worry for the latter since his time is short once Drew comes back.

I am so happy that the Nets are the best entertainment on the otherwise unwatchable YES network. Now, Will MLB speed up their iPhone app's radio feed, so us poor souls in the MFY's area of influence can watch the game w/o Jon...er...Michael Kay. But their having to cover up the catcalls? Priceless.

I watched a few innings on ESPN2. Fourth inning, up 6-0, and the camera focuses on Papi. Commentator says something inane along the lines of 'Sox fans must be pleased with performance of the team given that Ortiz is still not ready to go'. Really? 13 innings of data and playing the presumed last place team. Pretty deep analysis.

Still waiting for bettyandisbel ;D

The Poetry Foundation building in Chicago is pretty amazing! If you are ever in these parts I would recommend a visit.


Here's to going 3-0.

The Poetry Foundation building in Chicago is pretty amazing! If you are ever in these parts I would recommend a visit.


Here's to going 3-0.

OK, "we", being the fans who will want to speak often and highly about one Jackie Bradley Jr, are in need of something shorter to say and type than Jackie Bradley Jr. Thankfully he does not have a name which starts with A or K and does not have a rod of any sort in his name. But I sure hopes we doesn't shorten the end and start calling him Jackie BJ because he has not yet done anything that I know of to deserve that.

According to Wikeiedia, both Jackie Bradley Jr. and Jackie Bradley Sr. were named for singer Jack Leroy "Jackie" Wilson, Jr., known as "Mr. Excitement", which works just fine for me. OR we could use the fact that he starred at the Univ. of South Carolina, and refer to him as Big COCK. Definitely not BJ COCK though...

Jeff, the Globe has been doing JBJ in print.

I was thinking "JB & J" works pretty well too...because who doesn't like PB&J (besides people with peanut allergies...and they don't really count as people)?

Or we could go with "Jackie Brad" and I could mockup some new lyrics for the Ozark Mountain Daredevils' song "Jackie Blue", like:

Ooh-hoo, Jackie Brad
What's a game, boy, if you're never bad
Ask a winner and you'll probably find
Ooh Jackie, New York's lost at sometime

JBJ works for me. If he keeps this up (plate discipline, awesome defense) he may give the Laser Show a run for the title of "my favorite redsox". :)

We could call him Jackie Childs. Because he's real, and he's spectacular.

He's also delicious, scrumptious, outstanding. And anybody who says different is lewd, vesivius, salacious, outrageous!

Lascivious. Not vesivius. I had my head up my volcano.

I like it. Mr. Excitement, Jackie Brad, Leroy, Big Cock, Goat Foot,... "Mr. Goat Footed Cock" it is! But JBJ is a great plan b and a good alias in mixed company.

I still like Palmetto God of Walks, but that's just me. (BTW, So Carolina is the Palmetto State, it's not some veiled racist reference).

in re: Jackie Wilson;

"On September 29, 1975, was in the middle of singing "Lonely Teardrops" when he suffered a heart attack, during the middle of the line: "My heart is crying."Cornell Gunter of The Coasters, who was backstage, noticed Wilson was not breathing.
Medical personnel worked nearly 30 minutes to stabilize his vitals, but the lack of oxygen to his brain caused him to slip into a coma. He briefly emerged in early 1976, and was even able to take a few wobbly steps but slipped back into a semi-comatose state.
Jackie Wilson died on January 21, 1984, at the age of 49 from complications of pneumonia. Initially, he was buried in an unmarked grave at Westlawn Cemetery near Detroit. "

So, there's that.


[musical notes]
Dada, da, da, da, dada dah da,
Dada, da, da, da, dada dah da,

Jackie Bradley said
It was "I’m no Veet"
Kinda swing you got
Knock me off my feet

Let the Sox win out
Oh, let the Sox out.

And you know
We're so fired-up
Don't need no Red Bull in our cup
Let the Sox win out
Let the Sox win out


We’re in heaven, we’re in heaven
We’re in heaven, when you take
When you break, when you rake
When you shake.

And when you walk
On 3 and 2
You make our heart go
Let it all hang out
Baby, let it all hang out

And ev'ry time
You look that way
watch the laces, put in in play
Let it all hang out
Like the man said: let it all hang out.

[musical notes]

*you try replacing “ding a ling” with something. I’m not paid well.

(Van Morrison sing. just saying)

Good bye, Mr. Ebert.

How much you wanna bet some political cartoonist has Ebert at the Gates of Heaven, and Saint Peter is giving him two thumbs up?

lc - Not so pithy but loveable.

Got my tickets to Friday 13th Sept Fenway - drinks before at venue to be advised. All welcome (avoid stupid Canadian cruises*). Also got very fancy tickets to First class toilet bowl AND excellent company to boot**

excited dowunder

* Bob in-joke
** Natalie in-joke

A haiku for Koji

ERA zero
No hits, a swallow, a spring
Eww! E Hara!

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