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Let's put things on hold just now

Lisa the Temp:
Good morning, dear friends and neighbors...


Lisa the Temp:
Yes, even Lisa is serious this morning.


Lisa the Temp:
Our thoughts and prayers are with the law enforcement officers who are on this case.


Lisa the Temp:
And of course with all of you.


Lisa the Temp:
Boston Strong, peeps.




Wow. Crazy times.

And that strip I wrote for yesterday but didn't post because of the foul up with the missing post on Weds and intended to post today? Well, it is built around a "conspiracy theory" and while it's not only facetious but baseball-releated as well, it still seemed out of place to go with it today. It'll keep to later.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of all of you who are in the midst of all of this.

Be careful out there.

I think sdu is probably safe. And LC would take down anybody who dared challenge his surliness.

Stay safe evryone. My brother is on lockdown in Cambridge. Scary but ok. Thinking of all in Boston...

Wow is right,h.b. I take a week off and the whole town goes crazy.

Apparently Dunkin is not in lockdown.

Stay safe up there, gang. Also, pretend I wrote something witty.

That was hilarious, ponch. Great comment.

This sums up the week pretty well:


No blood, no gore, but probably the most disturbing pic I've seen so far.


Haunting. Miserable.

Stay safe all.

Indeed. An 11 on the disturbing/haunting scale.

Over/under on the time remaining in this guy's life?

Hope you guys are all hanging in there. I can't even imagine... it's hard enough just to watch the city I loved and lived in for 15 years go through all this. I also can't shake the feeling that there are more people involved and there is more coordination to this than we know. Praying I am wrong. As for the over/under, I'm gonna optimistically go with 6 hours. Stay strong, friends!

You know those TV shows where you kinda say "this is stupid, this just doesn't happen in real life". Well....

Bob,will they be releasing the Pivo korzinu (beer cart) soon??

@bob. Jesus, this week is about perfect. Anyone who didn't click on Bobs link should.


Bob's link is chilling. I want to see this guy get taken alive so we can hear him spout some crap about how it was all his older brother's fault that he became radicalized, and that the society that he grew up in deserved this. On the other hand, a picture of his body blown to bits would be fine also.

I love how the father calls the police that battled the brothers and likely stopped them from killing more people last night "cowards".

...and said "all hell will break loose" if the younger perp is killed.

Second bad guy got!!

Thrilled downunder.

As a famous old Aussie rocker said:
Better get a lawyer,son
Better get a real good one.

(I'm conflicted out cos I love Boston)

Have a great weekend all! NOW maybe we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

We will Bob,we will :)

"This is our fucking city."

Absolutely perfect. Absolutely Boston.

Notice that Natalie was pretty damned close on her over/under predication.

Don't. Poke. The. Teal. Dress.

And how cool was this: @FCC on Twitter: David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and people of Boston - Julius.

Julius Genachowski is Chairman of the FCC.

RIP Christina Amphlett.Cancer sucks. :(

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