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Left left left right left

But losing to the Orioles falls in that list of things I may not like but that don't fire me up much beyond a "meh."


Right, things you don't especially like but that you don't lose any sleep ovah.




Like fusion food.


Like soggy cereal.


Like Lena Dunham braless.


Like baggage fees.


Like women with manjaws.


Whoa, back up there... I sorta think those North Koreans in high heels are kinda hot.


Ah, yes, a Conservative's wet dream: military powah combined with objectifying women.


I can't bear high heels in decline. I just can't.



Note: Doug's final line is a hat tip to Margaret Thatcher's famous quote, "I can't bear Britain in decline. I just can't."

Oof. My head is aswim with all it just saw. And my eyes need a scrub from the Lena thing. North Korea fascinates me in a "staring at the retard" kind of way. I hate the orioles. Like I said.. aswim.

Wow, after going through all those links, I think I know what the inside of Fellini's brain was like.


Enjoy. This is probably our last Friday strip for the season.

We could always go to the Glass Slipper every Friday.

Losing a home series to the O's is much higher on my personal things I hate list, probably because I have to live with O's fans all around me. And will someone please stick a cork in Dave O'brien's mouth the next time he is about to say "the Sox are one out away..." or "Red Sox relievers have retired 11 in a row" or "he hasn't had a hit all year"?

There is something about Korean chicks, no matter if they are in a mega butch uniform, (whip and handcuffs optional- often at extra cost)or as God intended, unadorned and smiling like a real "genius".
hb may as well observe the holiday and blow Monday off. If it gets nice by then (doubt it) just walk up and pay face value for a ticket to the game.

Ooh. Thanks for that, Cmdr. I thought I was mostly alone in that reaction to Korean ladies...

p.s. - I hate the Fighting Showalters...

I live more in Nationals territory than the Orioles. However, I hate losing to the Orioles because those are the games I know I can always see on TV.

@COD - I hate them sort of for the opposite reason - we have to watch on MASN since games vs O's and Nats are blacked out here on NESN on DirecTV. But then we shut off the sound and listen to Joe and Dave on XM - and hear both of them throw out gouch after gouch...

I merely dislike the O's, nice ballpark, best food in the majors, behind only (sorry) Citi Field. Citi Field, you ask. Well, two Hebrew Nationals with chili and a beer, $25 well spent. Same thing at Fenway? NA. Just saying. Boog Powells BBQ is worth it, pulled pork (.5#) and a cold one: $18.95!

jeff, if the pic of Dunham is bothering you then don't ever watch Girls. She is frequently nekkid.

Exactly. Just because you can get nekkid on camera does not mean you should. Reminds me of a billboard on the hwy in these parts. Its an empty billboard asking for someone to rent it... "Looking for a sign? Spandex is not for everyone."

"Just because you can get nekkid on camera does not mean you should." Gotta respectfully disagree, here, jeffinnc. Lena Dunham is not making porn, she's not making a Victoria Secret catalog, what she is arguably doing is making art; she is aiming to say something about her generation and her character, and part of that characterization involves nudity. In that context, I think it's great we are seeing a different body type engaging in sex, dealing with her body issues, living her life, than a show saying "oh let's make sure we can see the hot one's tits to get ratings." Not all female nudity has as its sole purpose the arousal of men. But I am probably on too high a feminist soapbox now :), so gonna jump down, grab my bourbon, and settle in to watch the downward Sox slide to mediocrity. I don't expect them to do well this season, but the opening week, in contrast to the last two years, really did shimmer with that possibility. Damn their eyes.

!! Didn't mean to step on toes. But since I do love a good conversation with an intelligent person, I would submit that telling the modern story of life and her generation could be done with implied nudity and situational editing without much extra work. So I do think the nudity is an attention and ratings grabber. Just about always is. Not to say I don't enjoy me some nice jugs and a well shaped can, but if I am going to watch nudity... well... some flowers are just nicer to look at than others, and I ain't afraid ta say so (said tongue in cheek in a good ol Andy Taylor kind of redneck twang).

Go redsox? :-)

At the risk of sending Natalie into an apoplectic fit, this pretty much sums up my problem with Dunham/Girls:

"Whenever I almost find myself getting into the show, the white flabby belly of the main actress comes crashing through the fourth wall and I find myself thinking, 'there’s no way any of these guys she’s with would be interested in her in real life.' Nor would she have such attractive girlfriends. Roissy would say that Dunham, in casting herself as the habitually nude main character, is confusing male sex appeal (humor, intelligence) with female sex appeal (looking good naked)."

From a comment at http://isteve.blogspot.com/2012/05/signs-girls-whiteness-crisis-abating.html

Bob - the pointy-haired boss says the meeting starts in 6 minutes.

Two minutes, actually.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have somthing fun to yak about on Monday.

I'm on vacation.Bwahahaha ;D

Congrats, sdu, on Australia's Masters champion.

Thanks Bob. He seems quite a nice young bloke.

oi oi oi

Maggies got massacred but ...


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