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Keep looking

This, er, thing, this "winning" the Red Sox are doing is vaguely familiar and yet seems so new and unexpected.


Meanwhile, despite spending billions on the CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA, JTTF, to name but a few of the myriad and various counterterrorism agencies, we are reduced to "Dudes, seen anyone with an unusually heavy, dark bag? If so dial 1-800-CALL-FBI"???


Seriously. It's like the Department of Homeland Security meets Bobby Valentine.


At this point, the Israelis would have already caught the bombah, broken him into talking, and would now be zipping around on super cool motahbikes to pay a nice, pleasant visit to anyone the douchebag has so much as spoken to in the past 5 years.


Hell, even the Europeans would be all ovah it by now.


All that *and* they have high speed rail.


You know Bobby Valentine invented the Bullet Train?



This strip was published yesterday but somehow never made it out.

I may post the strip I wrote for today later today. Or I may not. I'm so friggin pissed off about writing a strip yesterday that nobody saw.

That's OK h.b. you're still #1 with us.

Think of it as a birthday present to Nat ;D

The Indians starting pitcher tonight is from Chillicothe, IL. Think he knows BigBri?

Great strip as usual, hb, even if a day later.

Happy Birthday Nat! And bonus Friday with two strips? Woo Hoo!

I expect no one will read this, but I'll comment anyway. The reason the Israelies would be all over this is that Israelies pay fucking attention to what is going on around them. You don't drop a bag on a crowded sidewalk and get to walk away there. One guy in Boston did pay attention - after the bomb went off - and tackled the wrong guy, apparently. You also don't get to walk into WalMart and buy ten pounds of black powder just for fun. And yet, there are still a lot more deadly bombs going off there than here.

Better late than never. Tardy laughs are better than none, and we appreciate it. Also, I evidently feel confident using the royal We and speaking for all of us here on this creepy site.

I don't understand why they didn't release the pics they have right away. "Because they didn't want to scare off the perps" is the answer I keep hearing. Don't you think they were scared off as soon as they heard the FBI had pics? At least if people knew what they looked like, they might have been stopped before jumping on a plane. (And if they haven't jumped on a plane by now, they're as stupid as they are evil.)

Thanks, creepsters. Not sure when I got this old (40 is looming over my shoulder, gah!), but it beats the alternative. Since the news is fucking depressing these days, I offer this hilarious cat .gif for your enjoyment: http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18kyfu8htiwe2gif/ku-medium.gif

Since today's yet to published post is not time specific, I think I'll save it for tomorrow. It'll be like having a day off but you still get a Friday strip.

Happy Birthday, Nat.

Some years back, but still post 9/11, in airport in Rome there were soldiers with automatics at the ready standing on top of the ticket kiosks. No one fucked off in that airport let me tell you. Ps and Qs were minded and lines moved pretty damn quickly. Hmmmm.

I thought Al Gore invented the bullet train? Oh, right- he just added wi-fi to it

Happy Birthday Nat

Briefly, best wishes to every one of you. I have flipped back and forth from NYY to BOS games with equal fervor.

I look forward to the return of normalcy and unmitigated rancor, but until then "I've been inclined, to believe they never would"...etc.

Nice strip h.b. You have summed up the feelings of many of us out here who are horrified by the massive expansion of government in the past 12-years. The NFL schedule comes out tonight for anyone here who cares. Go Sox!

I am known to forget an assignment from time to time and I look in a mirror and threaten myself. The joys of self unemployment.
Nat, shaddap about being 40. I've been there. No big wup.

Is it coincidence that we have never seen Joe Biden and Bobby Veets together?

In the middle of reading The Pale King right now... Homework assignment for everyone is to read ch. 19 of said book. A heckuva conversation on the strange relationship we Americans have with our government. Even if our not a David Foster Wallace fan its a great chapter. And it speaks fairly directly to this situation of the strip.

Happy birthday Natalie!

Happy Birthday, Nat!

Nice strip hb.

Slight typo, BV invented the bullshit train, not the other.

And mat many happy returns . Someday ( not soon)you'll be as old s me.


what lc said, all of it

Raw footage. From the FBI this time, not Barstool Sports.


HB to Nat (Urm too). Me too. April birthdays produce superior fans.

lc, do you remember your 40th? 50th?

I sort of remember #60 as another WS winning year, but that's about it.

Happy Birthday from the left coast Nat. Have a nice Sonoma County wine to celebrate!

Those asshats better hope the gov't gets them before the Irish/Italian/other Boston groups get to them

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