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Just one of those things

Oh the Hanrahanity!!!


You win some, you lose some... but still we're going into the 2nd Friday of the season above .500.


In other subjects, Wade Boggs and retiring his numbah?


Um, let's see, ah... NO!


So you're going to hold that against Boggs and his being the quintessential "Moneyball" style playah before the word was even invented.


Yes. Absolutely. You bet your ass I am.


In this day of free agency, I just think that's silly.


Yeah, kinda like how in these days of sexual promiscuity when your cousin Murph caught his girlfriend Sheiler sharing a creampie with her Mini Coopah mechanic, it was really silly of Murph to convince your sistah, the wanabee actress, to pose as a nurse from the clap clinic and call Sheiler to tell her that the Mini Coopah mechanic had just been to the clinic and it was her legal duty, as a nurse, to report his case of chlamydia and gonorrhea with all his sexual partnahs of which Sheiler was one of many?


It was my sistah's greatest role.


She owned it.


And, you know, to this day despite Sheiler's tears and numerous pleas of forgiveness and protestations of love and nevah gonna happen agains, Murph nevah has spoken a single word to Sheiler since the pie was served.


See that's what I'm fucking talking about.



Hanrahan,she's a lesbian.A LESBIAN!! ;O

Greatest Wade Boggs post ever! I love the way your weave sex and betrayal into the story without it actually being about Wade's sex and betrayal of his wife, just his going to the Yankees. Brilliant!

Some divorces or break ups need time to cool off or just fester. Boggs and the Sox have irreconcilable differences which will fester. I am with that, there are a few ex-girlfriends that still hate me. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton who reconciled twice re-marrying once, which Boggs won't have happen with the Sawx, consider where he went of his own choice!
Lest we forget. Jonathan Papelbon had a habit of spitting up saves every few games, and had to exile himself to the Phillies.

"Oh, the Hanrahanity."

I'm stealing that. Sorry, but I am.


I'm flattered! You are the master of lines like that.

I vote NO. He only really ever cared about his own stats during his years with the Sox.

Hanrahanity. LOVE IT!!

Wade Boggs even has an ugly name.

Jeff in NC- that's funny. I chose Wade Boggs as my favorite player as a 7 year old precisely because I loved his name. Broke my heart when we went to the Yankees... that said, I once years ago waited in line in Ft Myers to get his autograph on a baseball and he was a total dick, so any loyalty I feel to him is long gone....

let's hope it doesn't slip into hanrahinanity


well done, sir

Boggs -no way in hell!

Pedro - abso-fucking-lutely!

And thanks hb for taking my mind off last night's disaster

I'm not sure Boggs is the only ballplayer to care about his stats. My guess is Ted Williams looked at his stats every once in a while. As much of a jerk as he was, I think he cared about winning. The image of him crying very hard in the dugout when the Sox blew the '86 WS is etched in my memory. He won the batting title that year, so he wasn't crying about his stats. He was crying because he wanted to win the WS. I may not have many in agreement here, but I think the Sox should retire his number. There were very few better pure hitters than Boggs. He won 4 straight titles with an average BA of .363. Those years he hit .368, .357, .363 and .366 -- frighteningly consistent. He is and belongs in the HOF (which he went into with a Sox cap, I might add). His number should be retired.

Fuck no on Boggs...and while you're asking Wadey boy. Fuck no on Clemens.

They're both Sheilers to me.

The FO should hand out Clemens' number just to end this talk.

I'm with Sonoma. Give 21 to the special assistant to the bullpen bat boy and put an end to this silliness... For me, it has nothing to do with going to the MFYs and everything to do with the fact that when I thought "Red Sox" during those years I didn't think "Wade Boggs". He was never the face of the franchise, as great a hitter as he was. So there it is, plain and simple. He's a great player, yes, but not a great Red Sox synonymous with the name

On another matter, does Dunkie's make a Boston Creme crullah?

BWF - I think I have just sworn off Dunkin Donuts.

Back to the Hanrahanity - it is just me or does anyone else see Eric Gagne when Hanrahan heads for the mound? (and I mean the Red Sox version, not the Dodger version). Total cringe.

'membah when Wadey and wifey went on national tv with Babwa Walters so he could confess to being a sex addict? Please.

When I think of Boggs my most vivid memory is of the home run he hit in the All Star game in KC (batting 2nd after the Bo Jackson lead off clout) and wondering why the fuck he hits a home run in the ASG when all he can do for the Sox is hit singles. Screw him.

Whiningwade Boggs...

Whether his number should or should not have been retired by now is a non-starter. The moment he asked for it to happen is the moment the answer machine should be put in the No position with the handle broken off.

Anyone recall Boggs sitting in w/ Don & Jerry during the past couple of years? He was just gushing talking about himself; Don could barely get a word in to call the game. It was nauseating.

I like Gagne. Go figure.


Gagne with a spoon.

Eh~ Sexy lady
Op op op op oppan Gagne Style

Here we go again...thanks HB
"Oh, the Hanrahanity." Priceless! I would prefer not to see another #58 "challenge you with my heat"with the game on the line. Thanks for the Ebert review D. Pinto (deep). Boggs in the same paragraph with Williams? Natalie is right-Dick Moheni is Boggs.
A team that is fun to root for without Captain Queeg -park the bus and enjoy.

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