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It's an above .500 Friday

Somewhere in Connecticut a ne'er–do–well athletic director does an exaggerated fist pump and muttahs to no one, "Wait until you read *my* book, you horses asses!"


And while those words were spoken in English, in his mind they were in fluent Japanese.


Meanwhile, on to Canada.


Where the Labatt is blue and moose makes the stew.


Cue melodramatic voice of Zeus:

"Release the Lacken!"



Francona -v- Farrell in the ALCS? One can dream.

"Release the Lacken". Love the idea, as in, release him from the team. And Veet is writing a book about leadership??? As in, 'how NOT to/'. WTF.

Great strip, hb! Looking forward to many more above .500 Fridays!

No worries,we've got Jackie BJ ;O

Release the Lacken...Love it!

suddenly, the play
that wasn’t humanly possible, the Kid
we know isn’t ready for the big leagues,
leaps into the air to catch a ball
that should have gone downtown,
and coming off the field is hugged
and bottom-slapped by the sudden
sorcerers, the winning team

Came across this poem by Gail Mazur earlier this week. Likely been covered by this space, but I found the timing uncanny. Good week.

My reaction to the Bobby Veet book: http://gifs.gifbin.com/25yuswsw28295.gif

Any of you ever hear or listen to the Greaseman on DC101 in DC back in the day?

Veet needs to talk to "the Judge".

Natalie, that's my reaction Bobby Veet, never mind his book.

I'm not saying that mariano Rivera gets an expanded strike zone, but this is a direct quote from an astonished-sounding Michael Kay last night: "The ump isn't giving Mariano that slider off the plate tonight."
Well, until JBJ came up, anyway. I'll gladly take 2 of 3.
Release the Lachen. heh. that's gold.

I just learned John Lackey is actually younger than me.


Yeah - I remember the Greaseman. I had a summer job assembling cables for a tech company back in 86. My morning was coffee, cables, and the Greaseman on the radio. Then when I moved back to the DC area as an adult the Greaseman wasn't nearly as funny to me anymore.

Missed noting last week that Chuck Fairbanks died last week. You had to experience the end of his time in New England to truly understand Patriots futility.

Yeah Kaz,but you've got a better slider ;D

Off topic: I've started doing regular Skype sessions with native Spanish speakers to try and bring up my speaking fluency... well, each lesson I'm reminded how I'm essentially the John Lackey of Spanish... today went like this:

If you're in Toronto for the game, try the Lackey Blue.

Blue is not what it was in the day. Rodgers Centre stinks for everything except Rolling Stones Concerts. They can fill the place and there is almost no corporate types there. The Jays? 90% Corporate crowd. The other sports events there are similarly attended. I wonder the percentage of people at a Jays game are fans, and how many are there to represent their employer.
"Release the Lachen, Smithers!"- C.Montgomery Burns, who should have said this...

Wow, HB, that tongue looked like it was covered in lobster tamale. Which is delicious, but doesn't look good on a tongue. Well, on cow tongue maybe, but not on a human tongue. Well, on a beautiful woman's tongue maybe, but not on a man's tongue.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

The MFY's (1-3) lost to the Tigers in day ball. WP Fister.

Guess the MFY's got fisted.

Release the Lacken,indeed ;O

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