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Creamy and Cheesy

"There seemed to be a lack of focus."


Are you kidding me? I've seen more focus from a 5 year old cranked on a pixie stick sugah high at a Build-A-Bear store.


Hey, Aceves, the lawyers for Pasta Alfredo called, they're gonna cease and desist your ass for bringing shame to the Alfredo name.


Pasta Alfailo.


Yeah, whenevah you order it, everyone in the restaurant gets to take an extra dessert. And you get chahged for it.



Think they will DFA this guy?
After all, it's all about the money.

Maybe they can get a used ballbag for him. ;D

Thank you for helping to dull the pain...Laughter is the best medicine...Next to morphine.

His first name should be Puttanesca. Because he's a whore. Or Fra Diavolo. Because he's the devil. Or Roger, because he's a dick.

I don't want to be too hard on the guy because he's a dick...but that was Farrell's answer to that day in spring training. You won't give me the ball? Stay out there and get hammered MF. He is the only piece of bad chemistry left-- send him out.

If he were an artist he could be Pablo Fracaso.

I think this was a positive step...He now knows how to throw BP so the rest of his spring training can continue. All good people. He should be ready for opening day in 2 months. No problem.

Hey Nat - the bus just ran out of bourbon...need more!

...and Hydro,more Hydro. ;D

easy on the first name, kids. (hi sdu). I'd rather just shoot him.


We just call him sweaty in our house. I've never seen a player perspire as much as he does (except maybe Youk). Pasta Alfailo - love it!!

"I knew it was you 'fredo!"

I've been blocked

*** UPDATE THU 4/25 ***

Today's strip will be late getting published as well. Mid-morning sometime.

I have to take my RealDoll to the shop this morning anyway.

Batshit Jr. should just about be arriving in Providence.

Understand he's balking at the move.

Ya think?
He should be in Mudville, where the Paw Sox are playing Toronto's AAA team. Nice, but chilly out now. Tempting....

This may be the first time I've ever hoped a Red Sox ended up as a Yankee.

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