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And off we go...

At times like this, one must not ovahreact...


Absolutely, at this point we really know very little...


And it would be a mistake to jump to conclusions...


Indeed, we simply do not know if what happened yestahday with Dempstah is a for real or just an anomaly.


And just like that we brush ourselves off and carry on like any othah day.


Of course we do.


"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."*



I've come to the conclusion that this is what passes for sport in terrordom. Root root root for the home jihadist. It accomplishes nothing for them, except giving them something they can cheer about from the bleacher caves.

Of course, this could also be a McVeigh type. Same thing, really. Root root root for the home militia.

This one runs the risk of accusations of trivialization, but what really can anyone say. One of the best days of the year in Boston, and in fact in any city, has been dicked with in an especially nasty and brutal way. We were lucky to have had it as long as we did, and clearly there's a lot of pain out there in the rest of the world, and those two things at last came together.

Nice move by the Chicago Tribune:


Hope everyone on this creepy site is ok, including loved ones etc. Hope they get the bastard(s) soon.

The need for a reliable closer continues. I think, though that if they can build a big enough cushion they could survive a gopher from Paps...er Hanrahan...Miller...
We need to adopt the Israeli attitude. Clean up the mess, and get back to normal. They will try again, and we will clean up the mess and get back to normal, again. We will not cower, returning to normal shows strength.

Hope you all are okay up there. My friend was in that exact spot 2 hours earlier. Scary stuff.

Two weeks ago my dad died after going toe to toe with lung cancer for two years. And the sun came up the next day. And the sun came up today. Not trivializing yesterday's dick move at all. But until the sun stops coming up, we pick up and carry on. Investigate, mourn, police, remember, prepare, cheer, go find another closer, live.

Amen jeff. And to add...we come to this creepy site. I'm glad it remains and thanks as always to HB for putting a nice spin to yesterday. A lot of friends were near but all ok. Hope the same for all of you.

Thanks for the strip h.b.- really need it on a day like today. I can only imagine what the Sox would be like if they didn't fuck with Bard's head- would have been nice having him shut the door with some 100MPH heat. Instead he's probably trade bait. Ah, what could have been...

And now my cathartic venting to anonymous strangers: I live about 7 blocks from the Pru/ Copley. I was at the mall on Sunday with the wife and kid and our plan was to go down there again yesterday but my son's nap-time kept us in the house watching on tv. I've been feeling pretty numb today, so much swirling in my head but mainly just disbelief and sadness. My first reaction is for justice- not vengeance- but really I just want some answers and the 24-hour news crawl and social media circulating rumors and vague updates can't deliver.

I hope all the loyal (and fair-weather) lurkers and their loved ones are safe, too. I look forward to your dick and fart jokes in the coming days.


TwitterNew York Yankees @Yankees
Our thoughts are with the Boston community. Tonight there will be a special moment of silence & Fenway favorite Sweet Caroline @ end of 3rd.

Just like the MFYs torturing their fans with Sweet Caroline. But, they are veterans of terror, so let them do this. I should wait to say this, but I hit the dumper when the top of the 8th is over ;-)
My Brit gal pal regularly attends Union matches a/k/a Rugby. Never mind why;-) She gets into singing with the other 28,000 drunks and 12,000 who amazingly aren't and often she can't recall what they were singing.

Not in NE. Local news talked to people running in the marathon. Anchor to reporter: was everybody you talked to ok? Trivializing sadness is a national fetish.

That is all.

Sadly, lc

My fraternity house from the 'Tute is 2 blocks away from there. I actually called up to see if everyone was O.K. - we used to go over and watch the finishers sometimes.

My daughter paced one of the runners from mile 8 to the end of Heartbreak Hill. Then she dropped out and walked over to the Green Line to go home. Her friend finished the race, walked over to the recovery tent and sat down - and the bombs went off. 15 seconds slower and she'd have been right next to the bombs. The Green Line was stopped and she had to get out at Kenmore/BU. She could smell the explosives when she got to the surface.

RonF, what your fraternity? there's a Phi Kappa Theta house fairly close by.

Cold turkey has gone me on the run.

Yeah, man, I need my stuff...you got some stuff?

They got their man-modern technology

Arrest made. And pics:


Who would think that guy had the only black backpack with grey stripping at the race? That is such an odd combination of colors to put together.

I hope this guy isn't Richard Jewell part II.

I don't think that's him Bob.

Other reports have the person wearing a white hat (possibly backwards). Still others were talking about the guy running through the smoke in the pictures taken from above the bomb site...

It's too early to be labeling anyone as the suspect. I think the Feds know who they want but as soon as that news hit the wire, they went silent so they didn't scare the guy into running any faster than he might already be doing.

Our national news media has reverted to the 7th grade hallway. Did you hear? Well I heard.. Guess what! No, this is what happened.. No, it was this.. No, I was just told...

Sad how the media has stooped so low.
Possibly good news: Papi eases back in to the line up as early as Monday. We'll see.

Bobby Veep just sighed loudly. He is no longer the most hated man in Boston. The Skanks tribute at Tue. night's game...hard to maintain the hatred.

Happy Birthday Nat :) Wear teal today

2 days without a new strip - and no sign of Hart. Is it time to ovahreact yet?

FUCK. There was a strip yesterday! TypePad disappeared it.

No wonder nobody commented.

I thought it just sucked.


And there's a strip for today, but at this point why bother?

Fucky fucky fuck TypePad.

Even if it sucked we would have commented to tell you that ;)

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