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All smiles

Winning your home openah on a beautiful goat-footed Spring day? Beautiful.


Winning your home openah against the annoying trash-talking Orioles? Wondahful.


Yeah, I confess I'm rather pleased with things just at the moment.


If I were any happiah, I'd be wearing a Japanese girlfriend jacket.


My Japanese girlfriend jacket is pissed at me...


And all I did was bring up how I thought it'll feel even bettah if we tried it with the zippah in the back.



Shouldn't that jacket be double breasted?

They should call it a trench coat.

Is that a top coat? Or a bottom coat?

Jackets aside, we can trace this renaissance to the difficult decision by HB to soldier on this year. In retrospect, it clearly was the season-saving turning point.

Well this is just great. My Japanese girlfriend jacket added a strap-on, and now her and my Real Doll have run off together!

Sox have the 3rd best team ERA in the AL, hightest OPS in the AL, and are tied for the highest fielding percentage in the AL. And a 2 game lead in the AL East, all without Big Papi. I don't know how all this is going to turn out, but I feel a lot better than I did 10 days ago.

I think we all know how this is going to turn out. 108 wins, of course.

Japanese Girlfriend Jackets never let go. Those Sox.

Is one of those phrases,"I love you loooong time" ?? Just askin"

HB, you find the most disturbing shit ever. And yet, I'm oddly grateful.

I'm still wobbly!!

Over here across the pond, a baked potato is a "jacket potato". If you get a topping, it's called by the topping, like a "chicken curry jacket potato".

This led to some brief confusion in my head as I was trying to imagine a Japanese girlfriend draped over a piping hot baked potato.

Then I clicked the link and everything was suddenly clearer?

I understand you have to pay $50 million just to try the girlfriend jacket on.

Hmmm looks like a straight jacket to me. To be specific, the ones that got tighter as the wearer struggled to escape from it. Teller is the master of escaping from one these days. The Sawx had a knack of putting their fans in them for 86 years and are back at it again.

heh, she said jacket.


Good one, yazbread

something something something coat of arms...etc.

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