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Spring Break Continues...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix spring vacation continues.

This is a placeholder for the creepy community yakking.



first (last?)

First, but not last.

Nope, that would be me...


Manny will now be Manny in Taiwan. A great place to not know the language the reporters are harassing you in.

Jorge Posada is the new pope?

whoa - Welker to the donkeys?!

Even worse.

No, sonomasox, the Pope pitches for the Rockies. He's having a good spring.

Did the news of Welker's departure trump the Pope? Kinda like Michael Jackson trumping Farrah by dying on the same day.

I thought Michael Jackson only trumped little boys.

No, but Trump has Michael Jackson'd the Republican party, turning it into a laughingstock...

Today's pic question: a grey floor? And that doesn't look like carpet. Maybe concrete? A sort of loft office, open concept, no offices, pool table and foosball in the center?

If you squint at the pic for awhile, you'll see a 20-something cruise by on a segway...or maybe it's a pogo stick.

I think she's on Ron Jeremy.

"Seka,make like a Hoover" ;D

About to head into yet another late Friday meeting. Last Friday, I didn't get out until 7:00. That's not beer cart; that's taking it in the rear cart.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. (HB returns!)

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