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OK, let's try this "back from vacation" thing again, shall we?

So last night I had this crazy, pain killah induced dream in which Jon Lestah and John Lackey were fused into a single being.


Whoa. A Lackstah! How freaky.


Yeah, but the really freaky thing was that this Lackstah was totally unhittable.


Wow throw in an Eastern European slut signaling her availability for sex and you've got not just a dream but some nocturnal fruition.


Well, it's all fun and games until Alfredo Aceves shows up and he's pissed off.


Because it turns out the Eastern European is his slut.


And her name is Ditka.


And Aceves has a shakh.


No, two shahks and one chupacabra.


Ah, one if by land, two if by sea.





...but what about Batshit?? ;O

Haha,Roy said chuba.

Excellent, hb. Welcome back!

It seems HB has harnessed his painkiller hallucinations. Great strip.

With great hallucinogens comes great responsibility. Well done, h.b. Up there with some of your best. :-)

Only Hunter S. wrote better material flying OxyAir. Now to keep Lackstah healthy and away from Popeye's and beer. "Humans do not understand life and love like we do, which is why we deal with them on our own terms". Stay thirsty my friends.-Chairman Meow channeling the (Dare I tell him he's an AD charicter?) Most Interesting Man in the World within him...

This strip is the equivalent of a great spring outing.

Heh. I love a good fever dream, so to speak. But now I'm sad that we'll probably n ever get to see Dice-K exact his revenge on us since his gyroball just got sent to the minors.

smoke up, kids

Worth the extra day to ferment. Great strip HB. Per usual.

So I saw this and laughed. Thought I should share it with the class. - "Daisuke Matsuzaka will start season in minor leagues" http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Baseball/MLB/2013/03/18/20665841.html

I had the same type of dreams/hallucinations when I used the nicotine patch to quit smoking. It worked. I quit, but I had to take the damn things off at night, because I had some seriously fucked up dreams. And oh, yeah. Lackey wins at least 15 games this year.

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