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My Private Eyes

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
So has everyone gotten used to the fact that Friday is an off day for The Soxaholix strip?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
You do know it's Friday, right Ted?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Oh, how silly of me, of course you do. Friday is the your trip to the titty bar day.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Don't get all fidgety, Ted, there are no secrets in the 21st Century...


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
And wait until Google Glass goes mainstream.



Google Glass in a titty bar? Brilliant! Now just one person would have to pay a cover and the outrageous drink costs, while the rest of us watch at home or another, more reasonably priced bar. The Designated Oggler is an idea whose time has come.

Happy Birthday Opie (look it up)

Weren't the Friday off strips if the Sox were below .500,h.b.?

Friday off was under .500 but then became permanent during the offseason.

We'll see how this season goes. I'm enjoying the pace of 4 days.

A Friday strip! What a nice surprise. Google Glass i'm not so sure about...

Gotcha h.b.

"I don't want Google Glass recording everything I say or do!", said a blogger who uploads his thoughts online.

only tangentially sox related, but hilarious:


Girardi, on the pool table, with Nikko (not that there's anything wrong w/ that): priceless.

Should have that blown up for every MFY game @ Fens like college kids do for b-ball games.

Is that the Zoophile Collectable Set?

Were Raffi and Rob Dibble seperated at birth?? ;O

is it just me, or are most of those Milk Bone stars suspected of PED use?? No we know what they put in those damn things to make them doggie crack

Silly me, I thought Google glass was a new spin on the classic american obsession: speed/as in crystal meth's bastard kid, but more powerful. That Google would not knowingly sponsor a patently illegal product is obvious, but the Google name is corrupted quite often.
Waaaaay back when it was in first run on Fox, Matt Groening's "other" show "Futurama" (Can't find the link, sorry) had an episode where Fry bought a smart phone, whose functions were directly injected into the user. That was thought up in 2003, or when we were just watching the pink hats arrive...

Futurama had a lot of things that were way ahead of their time. The injectable smart phone, Nixon's head in a jar; you know, visionary stuff.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Heh. Inter web porn has a whole new thing coming. Our way.

well I for one would like to welcome our Google Overlords. Or I will, when they make a pair of glasses which can give me a lap dance.

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