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Cold white azalea

Japan upset by Puerto Rico in the WBC and Dice-K sent to Triple-A. Talk about your frog ponds on an autumn evening haikus.


Yeah, or the summah grasses being all that remains of imperial dreams.


Which reminds me: Manny in Taiwan?


It's like seeing that the hair metal band you saw during an arena tour in high school is years later playing at the county fair...


And it's the afternoon show.


Yeah, but you know who I really feel for in all this? Manny's grandma.


I mean think about it...


If Manny gets named to the Taiwan league's all star team, it means Manny's gran is going to have to travel all that way, eat some bad kimchee, and die, again, so that Manny can attend her funeral and get excused from the all stah festivities.


That's some serious planning, across the international date line no less.


Seriously, that's the kind of logistics that would give that creepy UPS guy some morning wood.


Reminds me, I think I saw that UPS guy running the sound board at the county fair.


You know he loves hair metal.



Maybe Manny can call Pedey,just to see if Mr.Nelson wants to come along ;O

Knowing Manny, he'll have to leave for "personal reasons" before April is over. I set the over/under at April 20. Which is to say he might be back here before Papi plays in a game.

I know the creepy UPS guy. His name is Andy. And he's not creepy; he's kind of brilliant. Was one of the ad agency creatives for the UPS campaign, then cast himself in the TV spots and made an absolute fortune.

So "Creepy" and "Brilliant" are mutually exclusive?


All I know is UPS probably wouldn't have lost my Red Sox season tickets in Arkansas like the USPS did last week (and has yet to get back to me about where they are now).

Kaz, UPS (and FED EX) can lose stuff, too. USPS just charges less. Remember USPS carriers can pack heat, UPS people can't. Just saying.

Well, HB, obviously you're creepy and brilliant. You and Ted Kaczyinski.

It's funny that you referenced azaleas; the UPS guy's name is Andy Azula. Which when translated from the creepy, means azalea.

"You can have my Azalia when you can pry it from my cold,dead hands"

Ted K loved rutabagas. HB loves rutabagas. Coincidence? Oh, I think not.

I thought being creepy was a good thing.

FTR, kimchee is from Korea, not taiwan

" kimchee is from Korea, not taiwan"

That's why Manny's gran got sick. Old, imported kimchee. Motherfuckers.

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