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When it snows, it snows...

Prepare for Snowmageddon!


Historic! Extreme! Crippling!


I love the "crippling."


Yeah, but it begs the question, if this storm is Crippling than why is it named "Nemo" and not "Lackey"?


So should we evah feel guilt for piling on Lackey especially aftah that recent Globe article with all those comments from othah playahs about how misunderstood Lackey is and how he's really well liked by his teammates?


Nope. Not at all.


Here's the way I see it...


Whenevah a pro athlete is caught in some off the field unscrupulous behavior—sex addiction, wild partying, family issues, whatevah— we get the old fingah wag telling us fans about lack of privacy and how playahs should only be judged by their merits on the playing field and not the stuff off the playing field.


So, OK, then. If we're not going to judge you on the bad off the field stuff, then I'm also not going to judge you on the good off the field stuff.


And Lackey on the field?




That's right. Terrible pitching compounded by the peevishness of waving arm tantrums, yelling at the umps, and glaring at teammates.


So pile it on.


Like a blizzahd.



With the Cardinals in need of an arm to replace Chris Carpenter, Lackey could be sent there, with a special bonus at no additional charge, that's right-No additional charges beyond normal shipping and handling: (Egads! I'm Channelling Billy Mays!) Dice-K!
But los Cardinales aren't a year off a championship, by buying "sexy" over-the-hill talent, expensively.

Absolutely rigght, hb. It isn't just the shitty pitching, it is the even shittier attitude that makes me loathe Lackey. Pile on indeed!

PS Lackey sucks

god knows he suffers.


Everybody in New England stay safe today and tomorrow! If Dustin Pedroia sees his shadow today, does that mean we have six more weeks of spring training?

Everybody in New England stay safe today and tomorrow! If Dustin Pedroia sees his shadow today, does that mean we have six more weeks of spring training?

Anybody else pick up on the quote from Buck where he said Lackey was hurt when he was with the Angels in his last year there? How did the elbow get past the Med staff then?

Lackey isn't just a crippling blizzard of suck, he's the wet, heavy snow variety. So when you try to shovel him off the team, nobody will help you.

That said, I still think he'll win 17 games this year. And lose 20.

In anticipation of losing power, have a great, safe weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


Gee, thanks Jeff.

Hmmm. Timing is everything. So is bad timing of posts, eh? While you may be a douchebag, Bob, I am inclined to think otherwise. We have not met in person of course but you body of work here implies a lack of douchiness. Lackey on the other hand...

And now I ride home with 15 yr old son who just got his permit. Homeward Geeves. Holy shnikey's

Crippling? Shoulda named the storm Bernard Pollard.

Naah, Let's call this storm Storm 38 ;-0

Smeared bacon grease under my eyes helps blunt the white glare of snow. Snow. Snow everywhere. I have cut my fingernails to use as fuel for the flint. My hair long no more, cut and braided into a strong rope, a silky surprise for the neighbors, should they come to ask for sugar or flour or water. They will feel my Pantene'd noose around their scarf, just before they slip into eternal sleep. Slip on the ice. Slip on the packed snow. Slip into Jesus. The snow will hide their frozen skins well. At least long enough for me to plan. Plan for the icy future when blood is cold, and snow runs red.

going out on a limb and sayin Bob stopped off at the packie on the way home.

No alcohol, LC. Nothing but extra large salami and bacon pizza, a comforting blanket of animal fat, folded over myself and Abby,for warmth and comfort and yes, food. As we slowly nibble away at our source of succor, our minds drift to Rebecca and her Mandalay, as Hitchcock himself makes an appearance as a morbidly obese snow angel.

I can't find my car.

I parked it in my driveway and I still can't find it.

Your NEW car?

Your NEW car?

The Indians just signed Dice-K. Francona must be thrilled.

some dude shot himself. This is going great.

I have to wonder did Tito have a say in the Wahoos signing Dice-K. He may be testing them.
"Grasshopper, just throw naturally and guide it to the catcher glove..."

Yeah, Bob, my new one. I found it though. It was under all the snow.

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