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Lisa the Temp:
I've been told to read this brief statement...


Lisa the Temp:
"There will be no strip today but instead there will be a strip tomorrow, Friday.

"We apologize for this last minute outage which, I might add, is in no way the result of the Super Bowl halftime performance of Ms. Beyonce Knowles.


"The Management"


Lisa the Temp:
Did you get that, Peeps, or should I read it again in my Downton Abbey accent?



Considering what's headed toward the Hub of the Universe, best do what a crazy-like-a-fox Mudville mayor suggested:"Grab a six pack and stay home."
Lisa has some work time coming, since temps are called out during storms. Lisa probably sounds bad enough without the Downtown Abbey accent, Raising a point: DA is not on basic cable, so, an inquiring mind would care, but me? naah.
So, dig in and while you're at it, get yourself some Cutty, because when the lights go out so does the fridge. Gotta keep warm, and not care if you're freezin'.

Yes, Jameson is the only generator in my house. Well, sometimes Connemara, after the tax refund comes in.

Good luck to all in the path of the storm. Stay safe everyone.

I'm just stocking up on snow cone syrups.

I blame Brady.

I was planning on coming up to visit friends in Arlington this weekend and now there's a blizzard watch. I get the message, guys ::sniff::

Just got an email from my liquor store in Lexington letting me know they'll be closing at four tomorrow. Now THAT'S some good customer service.

This just in: There's a run on foie gras and artisanal salumi in Chestnut Hill markets.

Wait, whu? You have foie gras in the BayState??!! The chefs out here fell asleep for two years and let the law take hold prohibiting California foie gras! A travesty.

Oh yeah, and stay safe back there. I'll blame Larry L.

Started new job two days ago.

Tomorrow is a work from home day.


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