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So Tigah Woods stahts getting his Ambien on with America's Sweetheart Lindsey Vonn and the next thing you know he wins big at Torrey Pines and is the fave to win the Mastahs.


Causal? Well it does rhyme with arousal.


I don't disagree, but I do wondah if "sweetheart" shouldn't join icebox, phone booth, carburetor et cetera in the linguistic dustbin.


I mean can the notion of a "sweetheart" exist in the same culture with "Bang Your Friends"?


I think not.


Heh, is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just glad I'm on Facebook?


Whatevah it is, this will deflate it: "Lackey Ready to Take the Mound."



I hope it's Lindsey's mound. Maybe she's some sort of good luck f*%#.

Not after yesterday's crash and burn in Austria, she's not...

Two torn ligaments and a broken lower leg? My knee hurt just watching that fall. The Curse of Tiger?

Was enjoying the strip till I got to the last panel. And then I threw up in my mouth.

Mae West to J Lackey: "is that a half a roll of tums in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Rob, a woman in traction is some excellent action. Or so I've heard from the necrophilia set.

Lackey on the mound = frightened turtle

I for one am looking forward to Lackey this season. As a #4 starter he will do just fine. Big spread and story on Lindsey in this month's Outside magazine.

The Cardinals need a pitcher so, let's see who they'd be willing to part with...
The Astros need a pitcher, Lackey goes there, no need for a second home, or the Commonwealth income tax. Granted they don't have anything to send the Sox, except pro sports currency du jour: Draft picks.
Dice K? Even cheaper we waive him you pick him up and god alone knows. (Pitching)"is like a box a chocolates, y' never know what chall gon' git. ;-)!"
I'd fly to Austria to give support to Lindsay if I was her sugar daddy. Hey, Tiger, fire up the Jet!

Ewww, Bob. Just... Ewww.

Scott, I wish I had your optimism... or some of whatever you are smoking.

Rob, when you go rigor you've never felt bigger.

I didn't know who Lindsay Vonn was so I 'google imaged' her. For a skier, she doesn't wear many cloths. I was feeling good and then I got to the last frame - I experienced the sentiment there expressed. Thanks hart.

Oh, and Bob, you are a very sick man.

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