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Better than the first crocus, better than the first robin...

So when there is breaking news concerning the Papacy and/or the Catholic Church, who can you turn to for an informed, impartial, sagacious soundbite?


Why Sinead O'Connah of course.


Hello, College Board? Yeah, hey, I've got a new analogy for the SAT:

"Sinead O'Connah is to the Catholic Church, as Dan Shaughnessy is to the Boston Red Sox."

You're welcome.


Speaking of infamous malcontents, Lackey sure is looking trim.



Hey, John Lackey&mdsash;turn that frown, upside down!


Best Spring Training photo evah.



Forget about Tommy John surgery. What Lackey needs is a heart transplant (Petey's heart in, old heart donated to morbidly obese BigBri).

I think they took the analogy’s off the SAT a few years ago.

I heard they no longer do Mass in Latin either. So fucking hard to keep up these days.

Nice to see Pedro back where he belongs. That photo alone gives me some hope for this season. The shots of Lackey on the other hand, not so much.

Lackey makes me glad we have the Celtics and Bruins.

If a priest does a Mass in Latin, he is in more difficulty than if he threw four straight gopher balls, with the results being three homers and a long, loud foul ball...
I loved the analogies! Dice-K is to Terry Francona as Alfredo Aceves is to Bobby Valentine as Jim Palmer is to Earl (RIP, you nasty MF'er!) Weaver. Much too easy to ask which one does not belong.
So: Jim Lonborg is to the '68 Sox what King Felix is to the 2013+ Mariners as David Cone is to BOTH New York teams at various times. Have fun with this which deal was more ill-conceived, and who yanked (ooh...) who more.

Does that guy every close his mouth?

too bad Pedro catch pitch no more



I liked your original better, LC. He no catch no pitch no more.

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