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All the king's horses

It hangs in the air like the incense on a day of holy obligation...


This feeling that one must discuss the Super Bowl on the day aftah the Super Bowl.


But there's not much to say, really, is there?


I mean, let's see...


There were the ads, which in the end were, er, ads, despite giddy palpitions that somehow these 30 second enticements to buy something are actually some gestalt, some pinnacle of all mankind's artistic bloom...


Then there was a boring first half...


Then Beyonce came out, popped her ass and gave menacing "if you think I'm lip syncing, I'll cut you" looks to the camera...


Then the powah went out...


Then San Fran staged a comeback...


Then, ultimately, Ray Lewis killed his girlfriend.


There. We've met our obligation to discuss it.


Cheer up, at least we've go pitchahs and catchahs to look forward to.


Oh, right. "What's broken can be fixed."


Just for the record, did anyone ask Humpty Dumpty to weigh-in on that?



Suddenly parts of Maryland that are suburbs of DC are sporting purple and gold.

But more importantly, tomorrow is Truck Day!


I am calling cyber-terrorism on the power outage. But I appear to be a voice in the wind.

I am not ashamed to admit that I totally cried (not just teared up, actually cried salty tears down my cheeks) at the Budweiser Clydesdale ad where the horse reunites with his trainer... Having a dog has made me a complete sucker for anything to do with animals' love. Other than that, I got nothing except how much I enjoyed the gif of the insanely hot yet crazy Jim Harbaugh throwing a sideline tantrum with the phrase "Mom, John won't let me have the ball!!!!" that made the FB rounds at halftime.

Truck Day tomorrow? FUCK and YEAH. Like NolaSox, my vitriol-fueled hiatus is over and I am ready for some BV-less Sox baseball!!

Ads aren't the pinnacle of man's artistic bloom? But...wha...I've not only been misled, I've been mis-careered.

Actually, TV ads are an amazing art form -- it's not easy to get across a memorable message in just 30 (or even 60 or 90) seconds. Every word and image has to count for something. At their best, ads that do their job well are more amazing to me than any 2 hour-long motion picture.

My daughter (future equine science major) watched that ad and had one comment. "Whoever took off his halter in public like that was an idiot."

She is not the sentimental type...

In other SB ad news, the guy holding the clipboard 28 seconds into the Deon Sanders ad is college buddy.

What I took away was that I am not buying those tight drawers. Period.
I bet the 'niners and lost, which is how it is. How about all the geeks that had Baltimore 4 S.F. 9 in their squares? Too bad MF'ers!
Yeah, Wally will be out in the cold to see the trucks leave. Inquiring minds need to know, is Veet's bike still there, or was it removed in an appropriate fashion?

Natatlie. Clydesdales? I think you might be 'with child'.

COD,my wife is an equine fanatic. She runs a horse rescue league, saving and rehabbing starved and abused horses. we will never ride in a horse drawn carriage on a moonlit night because she can't abide the proud and honored creature shackled to its cobblestone and pavement bound life of burden. Sometimes knowledge isn't helpful.

And the only thing the super bowl needs to be truly great is to be the world series.

I went to bed when they had Steve Tasker anchor the SB coverage.

Obvious lip-synch on that Bar Rafaeli kiss...

@jeff in nc - My daughter feels the same way about the horse drawn carriages.

What, no love for Humpty Dumpty - one of my favourite characters in literature:


Also, in re the Super Bowl, I have just two words (apart from bemoaning the fact that we don't get the US ads in Oz):

HB, this was brilliant fun and why I check this space out several times a week. Thank you.

db, only "several times a week"? WTF, we ain't good enough for a daily look-see? C'mon in, the water's fine. And only a couple of the creeps bite

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