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A boostah

Christ, I'm my back is killing me from shoveling.


Seriously, I'm getting too old for this. I feel like Pope Benedict aftah a long day to Tweeting, transubstantiating, and blessing...


You know what we all need right about now?


A shot of Toradol?





Toradol is like aspirin, but with a euphoric feeling after you drop one in the first hour or so. So, after taking it for post shoveling pain, you can have a quick "go", then, crash.
A ball player like Papelbon could thus be on a nice high while facing his three (with luck) batters, feelin' no pain. The catch is when Clay Buchholz used it too often, he nearly died from a significant side effect of the drug, if it is over used.
That's why it won't be available OTC, except in the Republic, where anything known to exist is OTC.

If Dice-K used it, would that be Tora Tora Toradol?

The pope resigns. Hmm. German right. Pictures at 11. Ok. So I am off to hell.

Snow is almost gone here in NYC with today's rain. Can't say I'm crying in my cornflakes over that. Is it spring yet? Also, the Sox are going to be pretty bad this year, right? My brother the Yanks fan was ranting and raving yesterday that both and Sox and Yanks could finish at the bottom for the first time since... when? Anyone remember?

Yazbread, wtf? I'd never heard the term 'zoophile' and hope to never hear it ever again.

Nat, wanna know when NYY and the Sawx were fighting over lsat? 1966, when the Sox went 72-90 and Joyfully (for me)NYY went 70-92! Johnny Keane didn't even last a month, going 4-16 before leaving, his boss Ralph Houk replaced him. Billy Herman was let go and replaced by Pete Runnels, who was part of the team that found Dick Williams. They had asked Teddy Ballgame, but Ballgame wanted money to do the job, fancy that...

Lackey is #7.


I was going to suggest 1965. The Yankees had aging veterans and did not field competitive teams until the early 70s. The Sox were dismal until 67.

This is funny:


h.b., thinking your twitter account may have been hacked. Just a heads up.

Hello creepies. Long time, yawn. I hibernate until the pitchers report. :)

I agree with pseudo - I got the same message. I got a similar one from lc a few weeks ago; whereafter mine sent spam all over the contentents of Australia and North America (as reported by Kaz).

On a bright note, I am coming to the Hub in September and will be attending two Yankees games. Hopefully, we can get the band back together.

It seems the Rhetorial platypus has been hacked as well. Change those passwords guys!!

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