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Yeah, cheesy strip

So it looks like the Sox finally worked out the Napoli deal.


Funny how it only takes a minute to cook a pizza di Napoli but it takes months to sign a first baseman di Napoli.


Now we wait to see if his hip gives out and he folds over like a slice.


So, anyone up for an early lunch?



mmmm Santarpios.

one year deal? I think I can live with that. Now where can I get some pizza...

Bring on the unsexy!

I hear his hip wasn't the problem. It's that he's always sauced.

(I'm here all week; try the veal.)

I am fighting a bug. Pizza normally makes lust after it, and it's natural partner Buddy Weiser. Not now, tho...
Signing physically sketchy players (and a manager) seems to be some thing the Sox seem to stumble into every year.
Finding a fully healthy, clean player nowadays is like chasing after a Unicorn. That or a clone of Teddy Ballgame..

Speaking of lunch, yesterday at lunchtime, 300 miles from home as I was driving to GA to help my mom out dealing with the recent death of her husband, I got a call from the office.

There was just an all-hands meeting, they've sold the company assets, and employees are apparently not assets as we are all unemployed.

Really? I got canned while on bereavement leave? So I had to ditch mom and turn around to go home and start looking for a job. 12 hour drive RT for lunch at a gas station Subway.

So if anybody works in a company that could use a DC / Richmond area sales guy...

A slow day. I am off to lunch with my fictional mistress.

COD: that sucks, man. I'll keep an ear to the ground, as I have relatives in the DC area.

In less awful but perhaps more annoying news, I have just spent the last two hours dealing with a crippling computer virus which necessitated a whole new computer. So to paraphrase Max from the show Happy Endings, I am prioritizing my hate, which usually leads off with those who seek to legislate my lady bits. Today my hate goes: computer virus programmers, olives, then back to lady bit legislators. Thank god my boyfriend in Canada (who - so sad - is dying of a rare blood disorder) sent me this awesome email that I should not worry about him and focus on crushing it on Soxaholix today so I can earn my "Keeping It Teal" tee-shirt. He's a special dude.

Thank god I'm not real.


Just about to end my day with two consecutive boring meetings.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. Assuming I'm still functional after the Patriots' game. (I have a feeling this is the tailgate that gives me gout.)

Gout requires many, many years of hedonisim to acquire.

I must be hedonistic then. I've had gout three times, each one during football/tailgate season. My menu is full of game and occasionally shellfish, so it's no mystery why I get gouty. Massive amounts of venison, quail, wood pigeon, boar, lamb, wild Scottish hare, elk, lobster, giant sea scallops...do that 10 times over 5 months and see what happens.

RIP Stan the Man

RIP Earl Weaver

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